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'Les Paul's' (The Paul's)

All Bands/Artists!

If someone called 'Emily' from ‘Bandwidth Daily Magazine’ cold contacts you by e-mail to do a feature on you/your band, don't send them money as it is a con, they will not contact you back nor will they answer your e-mails - be warned - it does look as though these scumbags are targeting Reverb artists!!

Red Shoes

If you like bump'n'grind r'n'b, please check out Red Shoes. Lyrics by my dear friend Inga Daina Frank. Music by yours truly.Vocals by my lovely gal Sandra Capadouca. Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 and tenor saxophone Miles Black. Drums Jerry Adolphe. Electric, acoustic guitar and bass by my mentor and good friend of many years DonThompson.