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"So Sick" Hip Hop / Dubstep / Psychedelic

So Sick is Tony Zeta's first solo project on his own label, Les Disques d'en Face, featuring the American rapper Ceaser Live Soul from Philadelphia. So Sick also includes a psychedelic hip-hop remix produced by the French old timer, Jmdee-Beat, well known for having produced notable tracks for artists worldwide (Mc Eight from Compton's most Wanted, Bilal, DJ Cam, DoItAll from the Lords of the underground and Disiz La Peste with whom he has sold over 200,000 copies of the album "Poisson Rouge" in 2000). At the intersection of hip-hop and dubstep, Tony Zeta, Jmdee-Beat and Ceaser Live Soul offer a modern vision of contemporary hip-hop. --------------- So Sick est le premier projet solo de Tony Zeta sur son propre label, Les Disques d'en Face, avec la participation du rappeur américain Ceaser Live Soul (Philadelphie). So Sick inclut un remix hip-hop psychédélique produit par le old timer français Jmdee-Beat, bien connu pour avoir produit de nombreux titres pour des artistes internationaux tels que Mc Eight (du groupe Compton's most Wanted), Bilal, DJ Cam, DoItAll (du groupe Lords of the underground) et Disiz La Peste avec lequel il a été double disque d'or en produisant l'album "Poisson Rouge" en 2000. Aux frontières du hip-hop et du dubstep, Tony Zeta, Jmdee-Beat et Ceaser Live Soul nous offrent une vision moderne du hip-hop contemporain. --------------- Released by: Les Disques d'en Face www.denface.com Release/catalogue number: Denface08 Release date: Jul 2, 2012

Lyric sheet for CLUB/PARTY record "Do Me" Coming to a club near you!

Presenting "Do Me" a hot club record to get your shine and dance on. The song about being yourself and not trying to impress or emulate others... Thumping drums and high energy make it the feel good track for your night out. Play it loud for best effect. Coming to a club near you!

"Do Me"

Produced by Kickin J

Written by Ceaser Live Soul

Intro I got my chain on nah I aint frontin

Do you, I just tryna do me

Do you, I just tryna do me

Ha Hahahahaaa

Hook 2x

I got my shades on, nah I aint stuntin

Igot my chain on, nah I aint frontin

Do you, I just tryna do me (Do me)

Do you, I just tryna do me (Do me, hey!)


Hold up wait a minute!

Verse 1

You tryna do two, while I'm tryna do three.

Maybe thats the reason I'm in VIP,

with bottles on freeze and my watch icy,

I'm lookin at her why you astarin at me huh?

Maybe you ain't never seen nobody like me.

I understand, but you aint even got to like me.

Fresh face clean lace in my nikes,

where I'm from that's the basics baby!

I wear it out to play in, you wear it out to make a


I'm just chillin you frontin like you worth a million.

Pretty boy swag, boy what you concealin?

I'm too apealin'in my evetyday ish.

Eddie Murphy me man trade places.

Wear the the same clothes make the same faces.

You'll find yourself in the same type places,

but dont be mad if you're still kinda lame kid!

Hook 2x

I got my shades on, nah I aint stuntin

Igot my chain on, nah I aint frontin

Do you, I just tryna do me (Do me)

Do you, I just tryna do me (Do me, hey!)


Hold up wait a minute!

Verse 2

Shiny shoes with a tie and a button up.

Fresh Caesar and my body never tatted up.

My style never loud kinda-sorta regular,

but still I find dudes tryna hate on me!

Must be cause I'm pretty unique.

Look good if you seen it on me.

Never follow trends thats trending if I feel like a suit

thats what its gon be!

Make my own lane similar to Soul Train.

Dance moves on the floor like I'm jerkin,

never jerk though skinny jeans hurt me.

If thats the new cool homeboy it aint worth it!

But do you I'm just tryna do me.

Keep it real I'm just tyrna do things,

that ain't done steppin in my air ones,

if you see me in the streets betta know I'm gon stunt!

Hook 2x

I got my shades on, nah I aint stuntin

Igot my chain on, nah I aint frontin

Do you, I just tryna do me (Do me)

Do you, I just tryna do me (Do me, hey!)


Hold up wait a minute!


If you got your own style and you're walkin with a smile, when them haters try to front tell em: Wait a minute!

I bought it cause I want it with the money in my wallet, you aint givin me a dime you bette: Wait a mintue!

I bought a couple things now I'm standin in line, if you're standing right behind you're gonna: Wait a minute!

I look futuristic and you're looking kinda silly, but before you try to copy you better: Wait minute!

Wait a, wait a, wait a, wait a, Wait a minute! Wooooooooooooooooooo

Live Soul Music Building Street Marketing Team

Live Soul Music Building Street Marketing Team between Pennsylvania and New York

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Live Soul Music is offering internship positions for various type Street Marketing Reps, including live music/club promotions, film promotions, festival/street fair promotions, and food and drink promotions.

We're looking for motivated, responsible, and dedicated people to be part of our street team.

This promotional team will be responsible for handing out flyers to the appropriate locations and demographic to promote Live Soul Music events.

We also need people to represent Live Soul Music at certain events like festivals, street fairs, and movie screenings. This is a great way to gain valuable marketing experience by working for a new record label.

Must be a social, outgoing, high-energy individual who is enthusiastic about promotions and marketing.

If you are interested in helping Live Soul Music promote one or more of its various events/artists, please contact us at the above email, specifying the internship position in the subject line (e.g. Club Promotions Intern). Email your contact information, a brief description of yourself and any previous street team experience. Please include your name and phone number and best time to be contacted. Please note that this is a paid internship.

Music/Club Promotions Duties: Pass out flyers/stickers hand to hand at public events and nightclubs. Management approved flyer&sticker placement at retail stores in targeted areas in New York, NY, and Philadelphia, PA. Collect contact information to send back to office for follow up action.

Requirements: Must be 21+ and be able to get around by car or public transit.

Benefits: Free entry into clubs/music venues/concerts, etc. A better understanding of how live shows and clubs are developed and marketed. Great way to develop contacts in the music industry! $2.50 per guest on your list. Marketing and promotions experience and a great reference to add to your resume.

Internship term: 3 months