Official Statement from the Kirlian Camera Team hq

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: At last, we're here to say a few words to comment an unpleasant fact regarding the Norton North label and the unbelievable chaos they generated throughout the last year. We've come to know several fans sent money to the label in question to pre-order various planned items, but didn't receive any of the promised material. We must fully distance ourselves from an entity who showed no real respect to the fans and to the band itself, even though we tried to understand as much as possible the problems the guys at Norton North told they've got. Our sole mistake (and we aren't alone, unfortunately!) has been trusting those people who, evidently, as you obviously can realize… don't deserve and don't show any respect at the same time. Sometimes, having mercy on lunatics is a bad attitude… So, please, this message would even like to beware all of the fans reading this post of sending any money to Norton North in order to get any whatsoever releases. Norton North does not represent Kirlian Camera. Throughout 36 years career we never created any misunderstanding, least of all we swindled our followers, as we always gave correctness main importance, even during critical periods. So, we clearly state that this situation is outrageous, even more due to recent buffoneries which tend to (as if it were not enough!) vilify the band and its collaborators, along with our whole audience. "Infamous", is the most suitable word to call certain kind of persons… - Kirlian Camera team

Kirlian C. and SPECTRA*paris sign to Dependent Records-ProMedia!!!

Well, ready for a new voyage(r)!!! Tigers onboard?!? OK, we have lift off!!! (KIRLIAN & Spectra*p both sign to Dependent/ProMedia, here are the news: http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/news/2016/kirlian-camera-signs-to-dependent/)

SPECTRA*paris show cancelled

SPECTRA*paris planned show @ Gay Fest in Magdeburg cancelled (or, simply, moving to the next summer). Meantime, it's OFFICIAL that our side-project has signed to a new label and the 1st single + album will be issued this year. Next hours we'll be revealing more... Ciao!

Brand New Remix

New remix to "Social Lovers" by John Rox & Oxidyon feat. Elena Alice Fossi. Let the weekend party start off!!!


Black Needle Noise feat. Elena Alice, Jarboe, etc. - REVIEW by Electricity Club

Here’s a fine and detailed review of Electricity Club’s Monika Izabela Goss to the Black Needle Noise album (feat. John Fryer, Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Camera (official)/ SPECTRA*paris (official), Attasalina Anilasatta, Andreas Elvenes, Betsy Martin and many other great singers…) http://www.electricity-club.co.uk/black-needle-noise-before-the-tears-came/

John Fryer (Depeche Mode/Nine Inch Nails) debut-album as Black Needle Noise

Don’t miss this album! Why? First, because John Fryer made a great work and all the singers are really remarkable! Last but not least, because there’s me too! ;-) http://blackneedlenoise.bandcamp.com/album/before-the-tears-came

KIRLIAN live in Dresden performing brand new material

CONFIRMED: after Africa, there'll be a special live act in Dresden that will see the band performing brand new material (singles "Sky Collapse " & "Islands" plus album "Hologram Moon") as well as some "classix". The event will be prof-filmed!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/896064797182592/

SPECTRA*pareis official page on Facebook... born again!

SPECTRA*paris official page on Facebook to born again! Looks a bit empty, today, but we’re gonna fill it with posts throughout future days, unless “someone” deletes this account too….!! www.facebook.com/spectraparis.official


Some fresh NEWS from the SPECTRA*paris zone... NEW SINGLE, NEW ALBUM, NEW LABEL, NEW SHOW!! More news on Peek-A-Boo magazine… http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/news/2016/exclusive-news-from-elena-alice-fossi-spectra-paris-kirlian-camera/

Another new Song by John Fryer feat. Elena Alice Fossi

Brand new song by John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise featuring Elena Alice Fossi (SPECTRA*paris). Music and lyrics by Fryer-Fossi. Enjoy that! https://blackneedlenoise.bandcamp.com/track/naughty-girl