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About Us

Sahib- the SEEMINGLY shy and soft-spoken axe-man. B-] Aadithya- the cynical yet unpredictably genius. Vocalist MBBS. B-) Arjun- Happy go Lucky bassist. :-3 Roshan- Happy go lucky. More so than Arjun though. Philosophical approach to life and Drumming. =] Down to business. After a disheartening series of disastrous failures at college culturals (Mainly for not having our own material), we took some time off to let their creative juices flow(Pun unintended, Perverts :\!), and finally came up with our own couple of songs, both inspired by our college(Whose name I will not disclose, in order to avoid certain ridicule) and ironically won money playing it at our own college. Who'd have thunk it?. We'd like to think that we have a musically powerful, slightly Punk-ish, "In-your-Goddamn-face" feel to our songs. Our first Non-competitive gig came at Star Rock (A Local pub), opening for Greyshack (Arjun's inspiration). With so much more time on our hands, we came up with a few more songs (For the first time, all of us pitched in) and showcased our new set-list at the Unwind Center. We're pretty happy with the way things are going. =] Oh and we LOVE our fans. You guys are the shizzle. B-). Show us some love and you will receive merchandise at discounted prices (As soon as we have some). Stay tuned for news regarding future shows. You will NOT be disappointed. Please do check out our songs and spread the word to your friends. Peace and Love. (*)