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It's Here! New Single "He Ain't Me"


New Single "If I was Elvis"


If I Was Elvis is Here!!!!

Greylan James New Single is Now Available on iTunes!!!!! Please Download and Spread the Word!!!

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VOTE Greylan James Band on Rise & Shinefest

http://apps.facebook.com/polldaddy-polls/?view=poll&id=5185438 Please vote for Greylan James Band for chance to perform @ Shinefest 2011 per Facebook Link. Thanks

Greylan James
Greylan James  (about 6 years ago)

keep it rolling.......thanks greylan

New Vids

Hey new Videos posted from the Secret City Festival in Oak, Ridge,TN. Please check out. Thanks

Happy Father's Day ! Song "This is not Goodbye"

Please listen to this song I wrote on Feb 1,2011 the day my Grandfather Died. Cherish your Parents! Greylan

New Videos

Please check out new videos I have posted!! Thanks Greylan James

New Video Posted "Blues Man"

A Hank Williams Jr. Cover

"Live by Quote"

"Nashville expects you to be able to sit in a box and write a hit. I learned a long time ago that was not for me" Dean Dillon