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Blessed beyond measure...our single hits radio today!

Today we're breakin the single "The Jesus Song" through V101.1 KHYL on Tommie Goss' show. More evidence I am blessed beyond measure. TGBTG!!

God bless you, Tommie for sharing your platform and gifts with me and that servant Joe Archie!

Y'all, keep on movin and allow God to see to the desires of your heart. For we know, He will perfect that which concerns us and work all things together for the good.


I Don't Feel No Ways Tired...Okay Maybe a Little...

Almost like clockwork as we are approaching the release of "Due Season" on 12/11 the enemy, a crazy work schedule, physical challenges, and other thangs have decided they want an invitation to the party. Admittedly, physical fatigue is tricky 'cause we have to manage it, but we can't let it be a reason to give up and give in on a mission we know we are supposed to complete. So I am getting some extra rest today to be ready for the final big push. See, I intend to get to the finish line in one piece/peace.

We have 41 days to go (God willing) before we release "Due Season." When I am tired like this I listen back to the tracks often for evidence of what God has already done and what He's got planned for this release and the others on my team (ex., Joe Archie/producer. And just what has He promised me He will do? I am going to get the opportunity to introduce some and remind others about the Good News. Do y'all know that is the primary reason I'm pressing with a CD release in the middle of working 16 hours per day, engaging with a husband and kids, completing a BA in Biblical Studies, etc.? Well, as long as souls are still on the line I intend to stay on the grind.

So this morning I'm up and at it...reading the Word first for strength...then I'll Keep On Movin toward the prize!