T.M.I.S VOL:ONE available now!

What's up reverber's my long awaited mixtape THE MOVEMENT IS SOON VOL:ONE is now available for free download exclusively on bandcamp! Make shure you go download it and support my latest efforts to wake your mind's up!! www.opium.bandcamp.com


Ive been in and out of the studio with AFUNE MUSIC putting together T.M.I.S featureing and showcaseing a hand full of hard hitting underground artist's, and producers that i have been working with over the past few year's! GEARY BUCHANNAN, ZAK1, DJ KOO C, SPICY MIKE, JOHNNY WALKA and AMUZITION as well as production by G-NOX, BIGG TWEEZ, KILLA COLE, AL-GREEN'S and V-TOWN! This compilation also serves as wake up call to industry hiphop bringing lyrical content and social awareness back to the listener's.T.M.I.S will be available for free download early april 2013 courtesy of AFUNE MUSIC! STAY TUNED.

Opium & MC Rai collab on new song!

Tunisia's own MC Rai and Opium recently collaborated on a new song while MC Rai was visiting the SF Bay area. Not only do both artists trace their origins to north Africa, but Opium and MC Rai have strong family/friendship ties which date back years, as MC Rai has worked with Opium's father, DJ Cheb i Sabbah on projects in the past. The new song is called "Freedom is Free" and is slated to make it to Opium's upcoming album, "Terrorism: 101".

Fusing rhythmic drumming from India, with a strong hip-hop baseline and beautifully haunting vocals from MC Rai, topped with conscious lyrical delivery from Opium, this song has a totally new sound unlike anything you've heard before! This may be the first time World Music and gritty urban hip-hop have crossed paths, stay tuned and keep your ears open for this track!