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Hometown: London, UK

Label: r.a.r.e (Repertoire) "Technopia". Market Square Records "Heavy Petal , the Tenebrous Odyssey of Jack and Virginia".

Management: MaskHQ@aol.com

Website: www.myspace.com

Genre: Alternative

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'Technopia ' was released on r.a.r.e Records (Repertoire) 26 Feb 2010
The theatrical and dramatic performances of MASK's music have stunning visual (Quadratura) and sonic effects

MASK are actress/singer Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) and modern classical composer Marvin Ayres.

Marvin Ayres's album Cellosphere (Mille Plateaux) established him as a groundbreaking composer/producer.

Sonja Kristina is touring with Curved Air .

In 2011 Marvin Ayres will be performing/touring his latest composition 'Harmogram' using 3D sound design, in association with Martyn Ware (Heaven 17/Human League), at international festivals


“Mask is a genre-busting project. World, house, rock, trance, dance, electronica, pop, classical, jazz, God-knows-what-else - it's all in the mix! Throw in a fine reinvention of David Bowie's Sound + Vision, and you get just a hint of what's in the grooves of Technopia.”
John A Wilcox - Progsheet

“All of it is beautiful and entertaining in an almost otherworldly way....it is an incredible album and one I’ll be listening to for years to come.”
Gary Hill - Music Street Journal

“Even after all these years, Sonja's voice sounds just as dreamy and provocative as it did when she first hit the scene decades ago. She has one of those voices so instantly recognizable that she has no competitors in the world of music”
donW7 - Baby Sue

“Technopia' offers a further intriguing juxtaposition of Marvin Ayres' electronic soundscapes and Sonja's fragile, sensuous, and emotive voice. ”
David Randall - getreadytorock

“Mask is a group that is able to blur the lines between electronic and organic styles and throws in plenty of experimentation .... one of the more interesting musical releases”
Chris Dahlberg - www.cosmosgaming.com

“an album that shows how to traverse unknown territory with a freshness and confidence that today seems to be increasingly rare. Electronics in the service of the heart.”
Alberto Zardi - Blu Radio Veneto

“These artists have earned the attention of critics and public over many years, and now their names guarantee excellence. Their new album" Technopia " confirms their bold vision and originality.”
Andrea Turetta - Babylonbus

“Technopia, as the title suggests, is hard edged but cerebrally metaphysical, poised between the trip-hop of Massive Attack and the minimalism of the androgynous Bowie on a trip to Berlin ... evoked by the genie of music , Marvin Ayres”

"Space In Between" is intensely melodic, with the poignant use of violin and viola. Ghosts return to live in the present. The torment is lifeblood, a dreamy embrace.
Ilario Pisanu - Saltinaria.it

“The songs are delicate and cool and conjure alien times and landscapes. Now mystical, now exotic. A dark and dramatic undercurrent . Undeniably romantic "”
g.f.cassatella - Raw and Wild

“Wonderfully emotional singing, the violin responding perfectly...”
Roland - Roland's Prog World

“Through a vast range of sounds a musical epic is created around Sonja Kristina's magical vocals”
Valsam - Rootstime

“spectacular and emotionally moving”
Ryan Sparks - Sea of Tranquility

“wild, wonderful and innovative”
Nicky Rossiter - Rambles.net

“full of mellifluous melodies, rhythms, and reflective sonic wanderings”

“a unique and experimental sound that cuts across generations and cultures capturing the powerful ambience of their live shows. MASK takes the listener on a journey of mystical magic, blending strains of ancient harmony with rays of futuristic themes and beats”

“ one of the best and most progressive works of ambient I've heard in recent years”

"A fascinating journey of art-pop and ambient soundscaping"
The FluffHouse

“the results are quite exquisite”
Get Ready to Rock - Get Ready to Rock

“nothing short of mesmerising”
Sergio Martinez - Socal

“in a word...fantastic”
Baby Sue

“One of the strongest reactions I've had to a musical piece in a long time -kudos to Mask”
Marcus Pan - Legends Magazine

“Serious structure combines with romantic moods to achieve an engaging dose of weightless tranquillity that possesses a demonstrative presence of humanity”
Matt Howarth - Sonic Curiosity