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Hometown: Milton, QLD, AU

Label: browndoggy records

Management: Justin Brown

Website: vimeopro.com

Genre: Other

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Our Brief History.

The Pineapple Lounge was created by browndog , a film company based in Paddington Brisbane. www.browndog.com.au. Known for hosting the odd party, The Woodford Folk Festival invited them to create a bar at their festival in 2011 which they named 'The Pineapple Lounge'.

It was a stellar success and despite unusual unrelenting rains, they had a stellar line-up of bands playing there as well as making the space a haven for festival goers. Their goal of creating one of the best festival bars ever in Australia was a sweet success. It was so successful in fact, ABC did a National 3 hour New Years Eve live broadcast from there on their debut year, which rated highly and has backed it up with with a further 2 more. See website addresses for radio stream link. A constant flow of their trademark cocktail shampoine to the ABC crew, helped them get our message across to the whole of Australia that The Pineapple Lounge has arrived. A beautiful symbiotic relationship was formed. We also cannot forget local Brisbane Radio Station Legends, 4ZZZ also creating 3 beautiful 1 hour live broadcast from our secret garden which were beautifully produced. Thank you Alex and team!! They been firmly planted there for the last 2 as well.

The Pineapple Lounge kept the shampoine flowing at their FLOOD AID East Coast Tour which happened firstly in Brisbane (the biggest of them all with 450 attending and 13 acts on the bill), then Sydney and Melbourne early in 2011 and they raised nearly $10,000 for the Red Cross Major Disaster Relief Appeal. We had great support from bands, donors, venues, production and attendees and it was a great thing to activate and be a part of. So much goodwill was in the air.

The Pineapple Lounge since has hosted an afternoon event at Cloudland in Brisbane, Australia on Australia Day Afternoon. It featured Brisbane Funk Band Extraordinary, Golden Sound and the deliciously tasty vocals of Sydney Diva, Alice Terry. Oh yeah and throw in the hypnotising aerial show by Michelle Grant-Iramu, fresh from the circus show Flash, Flame, Flare Beware.

In September 2012, we were invited to host The Brisbane Writers Festival's After Session Bar on the Brisbane River each evening with shampine, wine and song for 4 evenings from Thursday 6th of September to Sunday The 9th. A fine array of songwriters, known for their wax lyrical including Dave Graney, The Twoks from Melbourne, Pete Hunt has temporarily extricated himself temporarily from Kooii, Baron Field, Murray Johnstone, James "Laneous" Lane, Grim Tilla, Ofa Fanauka, Halfway, Dave McGuire, The Vanuatu Singers, LeLe graced the very lovely Pineapple Stage. We created a zine on site which will had all the songwriters lyrics and interviews, baring their souls so the listener could see another side to the artist as well as read the songs lyrics as they sang, if they chose. It was a great success as our pop up bar debut, and we will be back in 2013 for sure.

The Pineapple Lounge at its spiritual home atThe Woodford Folk Festival 2012-3 (www.woodfordfolkfestival.com). was bigger and better this year, sappig locations with the chai and it was a huge success.

Have a look here at some photos of the Pineapple Lounge in action...


& here for a video we made for the festival featuring some Pineapple Lounge dance floor action


Next stop ... RADIO!! DJ Albatross, your move.

Justin Brown
Chief Pineapple Supervisor


“The Pineapple Lounge will be hosting the Brisbane Writers Festival's after sessions bar each evening after the last session of the BWF, Thursday 6th to Sunday the 9th of September this year, with the lovely folk from Lock, Stock & Barrel. It will be located between GOMA and the State Library down by the River. We will be getting singer songwriters to do a set (3 to 5 artists per night) and we will have lyrics typed out in a zine, so you can actually take in what they are singing about. browndog has scoured for Australia these limited spots and the bands are bow locked away in training. The final lineup you can see on our blog here.”
The Pineapple Lounge - Pineapple Writers Sessions 2012

“The Pineapple Lounge is holding 5 parties - Brisbane at Souths Leagues Club, Westend 28/1/11, Byron Bay 4/2/11, Sydney 12/2/11, Armidale (tbc), and Melbourne 19/2/11. The first event is being held in Brisbane this Friday the 28th of January at Souths Leagues Club, West End, 5pm. The Pineapple Lounge parties are raising money for the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal with 100% of funds raised being donated. Souths Leagues Club, West End. Friday 28th Jan. Doors open 5pm. First band 5pm. The venue holds 650. 2 stages. 2 levels and a lovely verandah Featuring Afrodizziact (mini-crew), Golden Sound, The View From Madeleine's Couch, Our Ithacca Creek, Ruby Blue, Kafka, Rude Kat, Mikelangelo, Cheap Fakes, Chocolate Strings, Melotonins, The Upsteppers, Kingfisha, Baron Filed, Elena B Williams and DJ's Katch, Sarah Howells, Ben Osborne & Ravi and confirming some circus acts too. All money goes to Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. ”
Justin Brown, browndog - Pineapple Lounge Small Press Release

“ABC National (2hours and second year in a row)) and 4ZZZ (3x1hr) did live broadcasts form The Pineapple Lounge at Woodford this year. We are now fully endorsed by them!”
browndog - www.abc.net.au