Nejma Nefertiti / Press

"Nejma's words are really powerful. And I wanted young people to have the experience that tug at your heartstrings that classical music can bring."

“Performed by hip-hop artist Nejma Nefertiti, the Stoneflower withstands the Sword’s brutality, and raps back a call for labor solidarity. Throughout the movement, Nefertiti effortlessly negotiates polyrhythmic textures, which increase in complexity as the Stoneflower finally cracks the Sword’s blade.”

"Through Hip hop we remember our origins and our journeys; we remember where we’re from and we manifest where we’re going. Words are magic. Hip hop is magic." - Nejma Nefertiti

“Nefertiti’s effervescent stage presence and skill as lyricist and performer deserves particular note and praise, culminating in the full band rendition of Ya Habibi with lyrics by Nefertiti.”

“The latter are put to great effect on “the Workers March,” wherein vocalist Nejma Nefertiti adds very strong, effective hip hop. She is featured on “Stoneflower Requiem,” with revolutionary lyrics over funk rhythms and Bernard Grobman’s sinewy electric guitar, reminiscent of Pete Cosey’s noted work.”

“Nejma Nefertiti es la visionaria de la fiesta que se formó después de asistir y participar en The First Ecosocialist International con camaradas del Afro Yaqui Music Collective y ex Black Panther, Mama C (Charlotte Hill O'Neal). El Colectivo se formó en torno a la capacitación en defensa personal y armamento de las mujeres para la libertad y protección de todas las mujeres en todo el mundo, en respuesta al "Plan de Acción" que fue creado en la Primera Internacional Ecosocialista por más de 100 delegados de 19 países y 12 indígenas. naciones, para salvar a la Madre Tierra.”

““Another speaker was Nejma Nefertiti, a sound engineer and hip hop artist from Brooklyn. Nefertiti began writing and composing music at a young age, but it wasn’t until later on that she began to use technology to empower young people of colour. She now aims to raise awareness and bring about social change through her work by selecting projects that empower marginalized individuals.””

“Nejma Nefertiti's music is a reflection of her multicultural background, infusing diverse philosophies and sounds to weave her own unique tapestry. She is one of the most exciting emcees working right now, so keep an eye on her...”

“Now this is one artist that will make you think! Her name is Nejma Nefertiti and she describes her style as “Killer lyrics and a message of freedom for all the boxed-minds” and if you ask me for my opinion I would have to agree with that statement completely! There is no doubt that Nejma Nefertiti is on a mission to connect, inspire and unite all with her music to seek the truth for freedom, and if you like music that has heart, soul and the truth uncensored then Nejma Nefertiti is most definitely an artist that you should add to your music collection.”

“We are 101 days into 2011 and so far this year some pretty world changing events have happened. From what it looks like we’re in store for more & bigger storms, floods, etc. There are lots of theories as to why all this is happening but really the theories don’t mean anything with the disaster is before your eyes and you’ve got to find a way to survive. Today’s pick is Nejma Nefertiti with “doomsday”.”

“Look past the beautiful face and eccentric style, and you will soon find out that Nejma Nefertiti is not your average female MC. With an angelic voice, Nejma lays down some of the truest lyrics I’ve ever heard. She kind of reminds you of the female vocalist Storm of the Outlawz, but proves to be much more spoken and vivid with her word play. By blending her urban New Jerz flavor with her original Middle Eastern roots she is able to fill the void in Hip Hop. And the best part is she is not only a phenomenal Rap Artist, but a talented Poet, and Song Writer as well. It’s not hard to see that she definitely represents “Life At War” and conveys what our message is really all about. Nejma is truly a lost treasure that the Rap game needs to discover. She has been ranked as a true soldier in the Life At War.”