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“Escaping Zion shows a path in which form and message can comfortably coexist.”

“Escaping Zion is a triumphant record that shows if you stick to what you love, you’re always going to make something that others will enjoy listening to.”

“This album is one of those rare feats where literally no song requires the ‘skip’ button. Each song is just as good as the last, if not better.”

“If you are a fan of ethereal vocalists like Regina Spektor and Alanis Morissette, then you will definitely love diving into the deep sonic depths of Nehedar’s new album.”

“We were just introduced to the NY-based artist, Nehedar and we can’t get enough of her retro-pop sound.”

“New York’s Nehedar propels its latest release, Hello Abyss to a bubbling, cult acclaim.”

“Basically, if you like a strong female vocal with pop sensibilities and a unique/eclectic sound, you will love this album and Cataldo’s vocals. She’s amazingly talented.”

“Nehedar's Music Is Beautiful Genius...Music that will make you love music again”

“Famed guitarists Shaul Zuckerberg and Tim Rockmore make Nehedar’s latest artistic venture even bigger and better. Nehedar’s LP is chock full of 90’s rock and 80’s electronic music that will make any listening session a blast.”

“The spread on this musical smorgasbord is just astounding. There is always at least a through line of either eighties electronica, or nineties pop-rock, but within those genres, Nehedar really has room to play, and there is all manner of wonderful sounds. From hard-hitting drumming, synthesized swells, scintillating solos, and vivacious vocals with some seemingly cryptic, but also lovingly relatable lyrics.”

“The wondrous Nehedar manages to create a well-defined album that shows off her songwriting ...”

“If you're a fan of artists such as Lily Allen, Little Dragon, and Santigold, then Nehedar is the new lady on the block that is bound to claim both your heart and her spot.”

“Her new album Hello Abyss, streaming at her music page, is arguably the most rock-oriented thing she’s done to date. and might also be the musical high point of her career.”

“There aren’t enough genres in the world to keep her creative curiosity satisfied. The Warming House (released this summer) is a lively, cultural event, sometimes weird, always magical.”

“I was immediately drawn into The Warming House.”

"The album traverses from genre to genre, as you go from song to song, with cultural references as well as musical influences scattered about. It makes for an eclectic listen leaving the audience everything, but bored."

“The title track kind of deserves that slot because it’s one of the best here. Considering some of the competition, that says a lot.”

“A bit of folk, a bit of pop, a big of rock, a bit of punk, a bit of Americana, and a bit of electropop combine in various degrees to create Nehedar’s seventh album, The Warming House.”

“It’s true what they say: out of great pain comes great art.”

“Off The Warming House, a nice example of Nehedar’s stylistic reach and melodic yet idiosyncratic approach is on highlight “Don’t Look”, where her full-of-swagger delivery – with the occasional chuckle and vocal stretches – flows freely over an infectious melody led by brass bursts and crunchy guitars.”

“Her 7th album is full of mesmerizing and heartfelt lyrics and I’m eager to see what’s in store with this one”

"Strength and distinction in every single song."

“Nehedar resourcefully embeds relevant messages within a conglomeration of sounds and fantasy.”

“It was a special treat Thursday night to see soul-rock songwriter Nehedar a.k.a. Emilia Cataldo hold the crowd absolutely rapt with her edgy, often harrowing storytelling and her elegant, balletesque vocal leaps and pirouettes. You could have heard a pin drop. And this wasn’t at Jazz at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall, either, it was downstairs at the Delancey.”

“What is a tunesmith as catchy and lyrically powerful as Nehedar a.k.a. Emilia Cataldo doing so far under the radar? In a world where people who liked smart songwriting still listened to the radio, she would rule the airwaves.”

“This Heart is a winner! Thirteen stand out tracks, each as diverse as the next totally deserves accolades for her insightful, soulful, lyrics and electrifying music.”

“As anybody who listens to more than 10 seconds of a Nehedar track can attest, Cataldo's voice is fabulous. Too often in indie pop, a weak voice is made passable by layered effects and intense production work; here, the lyrics take center stage with a powerful effect.”

“A penchant for fantastic lyrics that cut through like a knife and a voice to deliver the words with beauty and grace, Nehedar shows us once again that she is here to stay.”

“This Heart is a good and honest album, easy on the ear and pleasing to the soul.”

"If you feel as though you’re constantly running away from reality, maybe (Nehedar's) "This Heart" is what you need in order to finally buckle down and face your demons." 4 Stars

“This is a remarkable album performed by a very talented musician and her equally adept band mates. This album has a fascinating nomadic spirit. Each song wanders freely – and yet is gently reigned back by the talented singer – who remains, at all times, completely in control.”

“I could easily see Nehedar fitting well into an evening of Dylan, Armatrading, Joplin etc. without it feeling out of place.”

“The edge between childhood and adulthood, between fantasy and reality, is where This Heart sits, leaning a little one way or the other as it switches between melodious and haunting ("Bells of the City" is a beautiful example of this, its distant-sounding trumpet and stark piano, paired with Cataldo's strong, calm voice, opens the album with an air of doomed inevitability), and playful, upbeat, occasionally old-world sounding tunes that seem like callbacks to dances around campfires and theatrical story-telling.”

“There’s something special going on with Nehedar, and I am positive only big things will come from it. It’s the same feeling I got from St. Vincent before she exploded, and I can only guess the same thing will happen here. This Heart is a superbly eclectic album, simultaneously containing elements of jazz, folk, and punk, and its lyrics ranging from soul-crushing depression to glassy-eyed optimism make it an album not to miss. I know once you listen to it, you won’t be able to stop.”

“This video is dope in its purest form.”

“This girl has an uncommon gift for melody and the arrangements one encounters as one traverses this album never fail to surprise and impress. Indeed, there is a marked sophistication to many of Nehedar’s songs which belie their self-written origins and credit for this must surely go to arranger and producer Craig Levy whose sympathetic approach to Nehedar’s craft represents a union of rare concordance.”

“Cataldo keeps things interesting as the Nanci Griffth/Shawn Colvin only holds for part of the album before she stretches the boundaries into upbeat indie-rock (“Take It Apart” and “The Song No One Hears”) and blues/soul (“Dig Deep” and “Baby, I’m Falling”). Cataldo’s most distinguishing asset is her strong and natural vocals which shine on the ethereal “Intro” and the plaintive and minimalist “Ocean”. The disc goes out on a charmingly goofy note with “Countdown the Days” which is a darkly jolly number that could serve as a drinking song to “countdown the days until your dead”.”

“Cataldo has the kind of voice that can handle a pop hook with finesse, but she usually seems to find a way to write a lyric or throw in a discordant thread that raises her song above the usual pop pap.”

“I still reserve the right to dislike ‘singer / songwriter’ material, but it’s artists like NEHEDAR that are making my prejudices more and more difficult to substantiate!”

“This album - Emilia Cataldo's fifth- is a beautifully and deceptively simple pop rock record that after a few listens became a joy to behold.”

“Perhaps what stands out most about the album is its overarching natural sound. Nehedar is consistently clean and pleasant, and Cataldo’s pure, light voice recalls that of Zooey Deschanel’s. Raw musical talent like this – one that shines even independent of today’s special effects – is a rare gem indeed.”

“This is a female singer-songwriter that breaks free of the well-trod genre constraints, whom makes an album that will stand the test of time.”

“I even liked it.”

“Indie pop singer/songwriter Nehedar has a way with merging the catchy and the profound, and this balance is evident here with this wonderfully sweet yet sobering track and music video for "Pretty Young Thing".”

“There’s a certain surefootedness to the album. Every step taken – even when on tricky ground – takes the songs forward and much of what keeps these songs on the ground is the sumptuous and sophisticated production, which takes turns at presenting retro synth sounds as well as modern pop mixes.”

“You can tell she has put her entire heart and soul into every note. Her music comes from a place of dreams, hopes and fears that are all worth fighting for. This CD is a movement, something that may be bigger than your every day average release; and it dances in your mind long after the player has been turned off.”

“Something strange happened on this album half way through the first track. Some subtle things start to bloom if you listen closely. And not too long after the first track “They Lied” there is a great variety of tracks that are amusingly and entertainingly unique. Quirky would be the most appropriate word, but even that doesn’t describe it in full.”

“singer-songwriter Emilia Cataldo mixes driving indie rock with overtones of early P.J. Harvey ("Dreamlike," and "I'm Alright") with quirky folk-pop”