My Gold Mask / Press

"Gretta Rochelle’s vocals, a mix of bubbly and demented, serve as the glue for this cohesive sonic assault."

"The band has clicked with fans and critics since its inception... receiving praise for its synthetic, sultry sound and Rochelle's coolly dynamic voice."

"Gretta Rochelle's vocals paired with the bubbly synths and heavy-hitting percussion...shows just how versatile the band's sounds have become."

"Singer/percussionist Gretta Rochelle has a voice capable of both slinking and soaring within the mix of gushing textures, blurting effects, canned drums, and echoing guitar."

"My Gold Mask ...has found a sweet spot between Siouxsie & the Banshees and Robyn"

"-- generous with epic breakdowns, mini guitar symphonies, massive drum and cymbal crashes, and lusty choruses. It's referential without feeling canned; a rambunctious DIY energy mortars together the big moments."

"(My Gold Mask) have maintained their core musical structure, blending numerous genres into an energetic, yet grounded and expansive sound."