Missing Sibling / Press

“When I first hit play on the first track of the EP, “Keep Strong Boy”, I honestly expected loud voices to eventually layer over catchy drum beats and fuzzy guitar riffs. But, once the relaxed and careful vocals filled the tune, it made perfect sense. And, just because I say “relaxed and careful vocals” doesn’t mean that there isn’t power behind them – there is, it’s just not the all-over-the-place style sometimes associated with the noise pop genre the band’s sound has been frequently compared to. The band has certainly found the correct balance between the “innocent entity” and “chaotic surroundings” of their music, as Gabbert has described. Through to the end of the EP and the last note of “Piercing Teal”, listeners will definitely find themselves moving, be it joyful toe-tapping and head-bobbing, or maybe even a little dancing.”

“Missing Sibling plays ragged but melodic rock ’n’ roll. The band’s origins date back to last winter, when Fate Lions were “going through a bit of a hiatus,” Gabbert said, and he was feeling inspired. He ended up writing about 15 songs in 10 days. He began recording the songs at a local music school’s studio, playing all the instruments himself. Walker was hooked after one listen. Hunt (Burning Hotels, Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Holy Moly) was the band’s first choice for producer. “We decided we wanted to jump out of the gate guns blazing with the best recording possible and have a producer we trust,” Gabbert said. Missing Sibling sent the demos to Hunt, who quickly got on board. “We were ecstatic to get such positive feedback from someone like Will, when we respect his work as much as we do,” Gabbert said. http://www.fwweekly.com/2012/05/30/missing-siblings-found/”