Markujitsu / Press

"You don't just go see a Derty Basterds Show, you Experience it!"

“Kumar says, “My policy is to just be honest and stick to my guns. You’ll probably never ‘make it’, but you’ll be happy.””

“The first hard rock band I’ve ever listened to from India and I must admit these guys are really pretty good.”

“Ali Azmat and Sujit Kumar join hands for the second version of 'Khwabon Si Jo, and they both take the song to a totally new level with respective class acts.”

“Sujith says, “Life is a party, the times you feel low are just hangovers. Get up and continue the party...”

“3 Questions to the Vocalist of Overhung”

“Radio and Music talk about the much awaited EP Extended 4Play”

“'Spearhead of The Mumbai Rock Scene'”

“Lisa Antao from Bombay Times puts us on bandstand. A nicely detailed history to give people a better idea of who we are.”

“Indian Music Mugs writes about Overhungs EP titled Extended 4Play”