Liquid Skies / Press

“One thing is certain, this debut should not go unnoticed.”

“(translation) Few days age we introduced you to San Francisco based band 'Liquid Skies' who recently debuted with album "Love Kills Love". On this occasion we asked bassist Sebastian few questions. OnlyGoodMusic: First could you introduce the band and tell us meaning of band's name? Sebastian: Our bands is made up of songwriter Xavier who sings & plays guitar, Adam on drums & me on bass. Band's name reflects our music which is fluidly (Liquid) & widely available, without limits (Skies). OGM: how did you ended up in Liquid Skies? S: being done with other projects, I've decided to post an add that I am bass player who is available & looking for an original & unique band. Xavier replied with his compositions & the rest is history. OGM: as a bass player you must have an idol. Which of the great musicians have influenced you the most? S: Great musician who influenced me the most is Peter Gabriel. As a little boy I would listen to his music & day dream. At that point I knew that I want to..”

“(translation) "My first thought? Dirty music, hovering like a thick cigarette smoke. Listener needs a dose of relaxation while sucking on some good booze. When it comes to influence, or trying to dissemble this music to basic elements, you will find first characteristic factor - vocals. Very typical to David Bowie is usage of falsetto. Next element of this puzzle is guitar. Sometimes supporting structure of the song, but also goes completely crazy to passages that seem taken from a completely different tale. The rhythm section is what keeps everything "normal". Very solid bass lines & luscious cymbals. While talking about sound, I should mention mix itself. Sometimes vocals blend into the background with some reverb to help focus on the instrumentation, other times with some weird sonic treats. Those who like Art Rock will enjoy string parts. Whole thing together sounds like a jazz improvisation building on the canvas of rhythmic theme that carries throughout. Psychedelia.. to trance.”

“Neo-psychedelic rock straight from the west coast of the USA. Trio, which includes bassist from Poland. Their work is in an original way of combining influences from both sides of the ocean and several decades of rock history. Music suggests a surprising influence of - Roxy Music, The Doors, Talking Heads, Japan, or Steely Dan.”