Liminal / Press

““Megafauna harks back to an age when rock was the apex predator... Megafauna is big.””

"Corinna Jane was from the moment I first saw her sing live, the best female Rock Singer I have ever heard" Eleyan Di Palma (HITJ)

"Pop/rock storytelling with catchy bass riffs and haunting female voice work... Tight, with a smattering of grunge here and there."

“i slip my body into the water, candles bounce a soft light, i play some nice music, ethereal stuff from melbourne, a band called liminal, whom i think i may work with in the future, or at least be involved in something with them, they are awesome. yes i hear their sound penetrate the kingdom, the strange ebb and flow, as my body becomes weightless and i hear soft music, the sound of mandolins as i dissolve.”

"I am quite impressed by the guitar hook that kicks this song off and hangs about nicely, musically there is a nice bit of swagger going on. Not content to just go through the motions vocally, there is a breathy emotional connection going on between the words and the music in a female Robert Plant kinda way."

"This song sounds like the best soundtrack to the best John Hughes movie that never was.... something of a lost art... reminiscent of the best late '80s - early '90s guitar pop, without drifting into mere imitation.... Liminal is one to watch."

"A real singer teamed with old guitar magic (seventies). Like a heavier Olivia Newton John. I’m getting strangely turned on. This must be magic…."

"... Bewitching and grand... a journey through the full gamut of emotions. Corinna has the creative instinct to know just how much of her extraordinary vocal power to release at any given moment... Liminal is the sort of band that always leaves you wanting more."

"Galaxy" is a rocky little number with a very catchy hook and a powerful, driving rhythm section. Singer Corinna's vocals combine wonderfully with guitarist Amber's harmonies to create an ambient mood that sits nicely in contrast to the rock backing.

“Man can she sing. Vocals made me hot. Some men think they're the only ones that can do that. Boy are they in for one hell of a surprise.”