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“Things got wild with post-hardcore act Like Bridges We Burn when we talked about raspberries, showing your worth, and how Oaktopia isn’t a “hipster festival.”

“I got to check out Like Bridges We Burn at Hailey’s Club on the second Day of Oaktopia and well, what can I say about this crazy bunch? They are hard rock and they rock hard. This post hardcore band was a blast to see live. An awesome sound, a goofy stage performance and brilliant lyrics. These guys are full of friendly energy. They are a great band for all the head bangers and mashers! After the show I was able to do a video interview with this group. Not my first time to interview them but this time I didn’t have any planned questions. That didn’t matter! I had Sonny Bee with me and that’s all you need for a good interview. We had a blast! We discovered that one band member is not from around here, two are new members and three of them met on MySpace. We discussed cartoon characters and rap battles, and Sonny Bee challenged one of the members of Like Bridges We Burn to a rap battle. If you get a chance to chat with the band after a show, I highly recommend it.”

“The main support slot went to Like Bridges We Burn, who were another band I hadn’t seen in a little while. The band sound checked everything, but frontman Jeff Nemec was nowhere to be found. “He’ll show up when we start playing.” guitarist Mike Mowery said to his band mates. So, they did just that, and seconds after the music started, Jeff emerged from behind the curtain that leads to the back area of the venue. Their set was a mix of old and new songs (though, admittedly, I probably didn’t recognize all the older tracks), and they got going with a rip-roaring number. “I hope everyone’s having a good time.” Jeff said to the decent sized crowd before they started “This World”. It’s not as hardcore as some of their other tracks, though it certainly has its moments, and guitarist Aaron Burcombe helped with some of the screaming at times. At one point, Jeff got on the little stand that stretches in front of the stage, walking from one side to the other, twirli”

“Following them was yet another band I was mostly unfamiliar with, and that was the Denton based Like Bridges We Burn. They kicked their 34-minute long set off with the lead track from their “Fresh Out the Kitchen” EP, “With a Smile”, which reeled me in from the get-go. They were as much rock as they were metal, and front man Jason Mckee had a pretty good singing voice, and could also muster quite the scream, and he alternated between the two styles often, not only on that song, but throughout the set. They played a majority of that 2011 EP this night, and next cranked out another quick-paced number, “This World”, during which guitarists Aaron Burcombe and Jonathan Dancause darted around the stage, rocking out on their instruments, and Joel Kunze did the same with his bass. “…This is Down the Rabbit Hole” said Jason before they ripped into one of the most intense songs of their set, where a lot of screaming was done in a very guttural way, though I enjoyed it and”

“What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send? - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Our lyrics tend to be strong, heavy, and honest. Often, Jason (our singer) writes about experiences, stories, and feelings trapped in his head, using pop culture and other literary references as a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) muse. You can see this especially in Over My Undead Body and Down the Rabbit Hole. Narratives seem to pop up in our songs quite a bit, too.”

“The day after his 30th birthday, Hardin County native Shawn Holcomb found himself on stage with his band at a Texas venue playing on a nationally-known rock tour. Like Bridges We Burn, a rock band, played Tuesday at Vans Warped Tour in Dallas, as the result of entering Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands 16. After online voting earned them a spot in the top 100 bands for the Dallas area, Like Bridges We Burn and the other 99 bands went before a panel of judges. “We were one of four bands picked out of the Dallas area to play,” Holcomb said. The Vans Warped Tour travels throughout North America and features scores of bands. Like Bridges We Burn is based in Denton, Texas, which is less than an hour northwest of Dallas. After moving away from Hardin County briefly, Holcomb returned to attend Hardin County Schools until he graduated from Central Hardin High School in 2000. “I started playing guitar when I was 14,” Holcomb said.”

"Check out a very kick ass band Like Bridges We Burn, and listen to their new EP "Fresh Out the Kitchen" it sounds amazing!!!

“Gimme more Post-Hardcore, Like Bridges We Burn! They also mix Rock and Metal in with that and create this awesome sound that just blows my mind. They're edgy and just, well, great to be blunt about it. So fast paced in their song 'Over My Undead Body,' that I'm hooked! Check them out for great everything.”