Lewis Brothers / Press

“This weekend was one of Fayetteville WV’s finest for music. The Lewis Brothers out of Chillicothe Ohio came to town to play at the White Water Lounge just off of route 19 in Fayetteville. There style of music is rockabilly with what sounds like a touch of bluegrass splashed with a hint of jazz. In-between sets they would switch out instruments with each other and played with such energy that the crowd was dancing at their tables, around the bar and on the dance floor. At one point in the night Russell Lewis was playing the stand up bass across his knee in the floor. It was soon taken out onto the dance floor and played with the dancing crowd by Jeff Lewis while the rest of band played just as wildly, and much to the delight of the crowd! The sound, singing and rhythm stayed perfect through it all. The Lewis Brothers blew the crowd away with there wonderful harmony, energetic playing, love of the crowd and general all over good natured personalities. They are truly a must see band!”

“It started out a typical Wednesday, but things soon changed. Upon entering Southern Komfort Karaoke Bar and Grill, I knew things would be different this evening. First off, there was a band playing instead of the usual karaoke crowd. I hoped for the best and it only better. On the stage was the Lewis Brothers Band. Composed of Richard, Russell P. and Jeff Lewis, accompanied by their percussionist Dennis Foreman, the band began their set with a folk gospel song. From there they went into a wide variety of selections ranging from bluegrass to rock. The band played several sets, swapping instruments among themselves, among those a stand up bass, mandolin, banjo and guitars. Their sound was delightful and energizing. They call their style anything from electric folk to country, rock and general “hillbillery.””