Leon Alvarado / Press

“Leon Alvarado will release a short film and soundtrack called Persistence this month. The instrumentalist issues the film, which is described as “a short adventure of sight and sound,” on December 15. The soundtrack single features King Crimson's Trey Gunn, and was mastered by Andy Jackson who co-produced Pink Floyd album, The Endless River.”

“Much to the anticipation of prog fans worldwide, keyboardist/composer Leon Alvarado will be releasing his third album “2014, Music from an Expanded Universe” on October 30th, 2014, the first under the Melodic Revolution Records banner. For this mini-LP, Leon enlists the guitar skills of Trey Gunn (King Crimson), the masterful drumming of Jerry Marotta (better known for his work with Peter Gabriel, as well as Orleans and later Hall and Oates) and the ambient music duo better known as "Cyber Zen Sound Engine".”

“Featuring as it does music inspired by King Crimson and an album cover that recalls Emerson Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery, Leon Alvarado’s 2014: Music from an Expanded Universe plays like a travelogue through some of his earliest influences. He’s joined this time by Trey Gunn, a King Crimson member from 1994–2003; and Jerry Marotta, a do-anything sessions player perhaps best known in progressive circles for his stint with Peter Gabriel. Together, they push Alvarado’s craft into unexpected places. The twin guitars that power “Blood Like Red” add a rare musculature to what has typically been a far more pastoral, keyboard-driven discography.”

“Another recent arrival at TWR HQ is a delightful CD by Leon Alvarado titled; Leon Alvarado Plays Genesis And Other Original Stuff. This one does exactly what it says on the cover; Leon opens his Cd with an update on the classic Hairless Heart which gives a hi tech treatment to this favourite. Behind The Screen/Cinemania is an Alvarado original, percussion driven and with some interesting use of atmospherics. Fly On A Windshield is another interesting re-working of a favourite Lamb… track. Musically it is excellent.”

““I have now had a chance to listen to your CD. It really is excellent. Full of atmosphere and beautifully put together. Your own stuff is particularly good too. I can tell that a great deal of love, time and energy has gone into it all and I think the result is a strong product. The covers are good too. I particularly like the way in which you have something like an underground train map for the titles! Keep up the good work! Congratulations...”

“This largely instrumental and heavily keyboard/synth driven tribute project features a mixture of Genesis songs and Genesis 'inspired' tracks by Alvarado. I really enjoyed his interpretation on keyboards of "Hairless Heart" although on occasion the guitar part on the song is a little too overly simplified for my tastes. His take on "Cinema Show Part II" Its undeniably good and has a dramatic Genesis "live" feel to it. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the design of this tribute album. Also created by Alvarado, its packaged in almost a mini-LP CD style sleeve with great artwork which in itself pays homage to the Genesis albums of days past. As you can see from the image provided above, the cover has an And Then There Were Three feel to it. If there was an award for best packaging of a Genesis tribute CD, I would certainly award it to Leon. The entire package is incredibly professional - inside and out.”

“When I received the CD I was struck by the packaging in terms of design. The music links to Genesis can be found even as traced autographs, like the initial rhythmic pattern of Behind The Screen / Cinemania (which reminds you of the live version of I know What I like and which Leon admits he’d taken the melodic inspiration from Behind the Lines), as well as Earthbound / Albert's Return which has a “Banksian” atmosphere to it with a morbid and evocative instrumental melody that is typical of his style. With Wind & Sorrow the inspirations are evident (at least in the title) to the track Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats. However, the track also reminds you of some musical passages from Wind & Wuthering and Entangled and it’s probably the song that takes more inspiration from the music of Genesis. The last piece, Broken Promises, is born with the intent to appeal to a wider audience by distancing itself from the typical progressive music of the 70’s.”

“This multi-instrumentalist's album consists of original music and tributes to Genesis songs. The tributes are "Hairless Heart", "Fly On A Windshield" and "Cinema Show Part II" which has a very impressive Phil Collins-like drum performance. The original music is well performed and incorporates the use of analog drum machines and a good recreation of the ARP synthesizer sound. Leon's music sounds like the quiet moments of Genesis' Duke era. If I didn't know any better, would have thought that these tracks were out takes from Tony Banks. Also, the great gatefold cardboard CD jacket was design by the artist himself.”