Kulture Kill / Press

“Yep - this is the real deal for sure!! Thanks for the support - Very happy to fan you back!!! Quality. Respect from Scotland. Peace.”


“Big powerful rock...love it!”

The Lewinskys

“ Great Song guys like the versatility Rock on \m/ ”

Poor Man's Fame

“Better than you - Rock! Tight Sound!”


“ Enjoying your superb rockin music! ”

Anchorage Alaska

“Digging the music cant wait to see you at The Jobsite in November!!!”

Quietly Violent

“Great stuff! You ROCK!!!”


“Better Than You rocks!”


“I TOTALLY WENT NUTS ON 'BETTER THAN YOU"" hahaha YOU ROCK !!!! awesome guys !!! ”

Mike van der Vaart

“Great sounding music, really made my day :) wishing you full success in your wildest endeavors, cuz where would this world be without dreamers like us!?!”

Ghosts of Dixie


Mike Glendinning

“We want to thank YOU for sharing...without our bands, we wouldn't have a show!”

The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy

“Listening to Better Than You as we speak it hella rocks !”

Kesor the Chiken

“Just listened in to Better Than You - the energy in your band is amazing and this song totally rocks - I bet it is so popular at gigs!!”


“Loved Far and Away and Peel the Skin!”

My Casket My Home

“Total Rock here! Killer tunes and I love it :-)”

Delaney Simpson

“Dropped in for some metal - "Far and Away" hits the spot :) - OD”

Otto's Daughter

“Great Music~! You Rock~!”

Knight Fury

“Rockin' our pigeon asses out'a bed on a wednesday mornin'........dp”

Damn Pigeon

“Good job on this week's featured artist. "Far and Away" jams!”

Jay McAllister

“Showing support for Kulture Kill. Keep making gr8 music. All the best.”


“Keep it heavy, guys - fun stuff!”

Keep it heavy, guys - fun stuff!

“Peel the Skin" is my favorite”

Titus Cheatham

“You're ROCK guys..”


“Two Louisiana musicians as "Featured Artists". Awesome way to represent the south!! ::::Corey Nichols::::i1 Records::::”

Corey Nichols

“Got some nice sound here! Keep it up! Cheeeeeese from the sunny Switzerland! ;0)”

Cemo Mus!ck

“Enjoying your page! Thanks for reaching out - greetings from Seattle - peace”

Jim Marcotte/The Molasses Theory

“Thanks for your friendship! great heavy dark sounds!!”

Breaking Addiction

“G'day Kulture Kill diggen your sound fella's bloody awsome stuff. your fans in Austalia Jamie n STonKA ”


“Great music here!”

Victor Amati

“THIS KULTURE ROCKS!!! Hey it's SiK 1, guitarist from S.T.D. saying we are cranking your songs to 11!!”

Senses to Destroy

“Dear amazing talented friends, Great Rock Music Here! Great and powerful,so beautiful vocals, Light up my day! Outstanding! Thank you so much and nice to meet you! I wish you a very beautiful and wonderful day. Warmest greetings from Japan, Ryo,”

Ryo Utasato

“Great sound here..Thanks Yvon-MIC”

M.I.C. (Made in China)

“I don't know how you guys sound like Shinedown but you guys definitely sound heavy like Godsmack. okay, wait, I just heard "Peel the Skin" okay, you sound almost like Shinedown but better in my opinion”

Sons of Age

“Hey Far & Away Rocks!!”

Marilyn Harper Smith

“You Rock!!!!”

Brand of Freak

“Sounds great. Far and Away sounds sick..very cool”


“Killer Sound! KeepRockAlive!”

Wooden Robot

“Keep the ROCK Alive! awesome...JC”

Juice Cannon

“Great tunes. Got that Prong/C.O.C vibe diggin' it”


“Awesome sound! \\m//”

Maks Kartashov

“Hey guys, back for another listen. FAR AND AWAY. Totally awesome sound. Massive with a blast of vocal intensity. Cheers.”

Greg Ashton Haze

“I may be a little blue haired rocker chick...but I know great rock when I hear it. Right here! You're awesome and thanks”


“Congrats on your ReverbNation promo! Happy to support another Louisiana band. We are the future! :-)”

Ronnie Simmons Band

“Two Louisiana musicians as "Featured Artists". Awesome way to represent the south!!”

Corey Nichols

“CULTURE KILL !! great stuff !!! WILL”

3 A.M.

“If we don't envision ourself as a success, no one else will either. Dream it and Be it... Keep Jammin' & Continue to Strive!”

Tyrone Smith

“Excellent stuff here !”


“Top notch. Best. /XP”

Xenophanes Productions



“Hey! Guys. I am grooving to, "Peel The Skin", now. I really like your Brand of Rock. Thanks for dropping by our page. KEEP ON ROCKIN'. Robert Mitchell-GORGON”


“Peel the Skin, rocks!!!”

Jenovah heights

“You guys tear it up!!”

Corey Nichols

“Great tunes guys!!!!”


“Loved Far and Away and Peel the Skin!”

My Casket My Home

“Thumbs up, dudes! Keep it up! A great week & greets from the Sleazards.”

Sleazy Lizards

“Great Music~! You Rock~!”

Knight Fury

“Thanks boys for the support, really appreciate it, right along with you ass wrompin' tuneage!”

Damn Pigeon

“Dropped in for some metal - "Far and Away" hits the spot :) - OD”

Otto's Daughter

“Killer sound! Love it ! Keep Rockin!”

Angel Steel

“I may be a little blue haired rocker chick...but I know great rock when I hear it. Right here! You're awesome and thanks”


“Hey Guys, Really great music .... Badass Guitars!”


“Hi guys - bottom of the lake - really rocks .. cheers from Australia :)”


“Hiya! Greets from Italy! Rock ON!”


“Hey guys!!! You have a good stuff here, keep up the great work!! :D - Greetings from Brazil ^^”

Carol Mariana

“potente y desgarrador, excelente, Gracias chicos”

La Banda Magnetica

“ROCKINNNN Music. I listened to your first two trax. Definitely some talent on those guitars.”

KC Daleigh

“Dear amazing talented friends, Great tune here! impressive! Absolutely great, Peace*”


“Enjoyed the songs! They rock! Great work.”

Mark Claytor

“This is sick!”

Alone in the World

“Culture Kill" -->> totally awesome. I like the incredible drive. You are totally rocking. Brilliant. Cheers to you”

Greg Ashton Haze

“Culture Kill....5 stars track”


“Sold - Slick & compelling listen,great vocals on "Bottom Of The Lake"....all the best for 2012”

DJ Paul Pritchard

“Never give up on something you Really want. It’s Difficult to Wait, but Worse to Regret... Have a Wonderful Week - Continue to Strive to Thrive!”

Tyrone Smith

“Hi Kulture Kill. Culture Kill is a great song, respect for Seer's vocal.”

Isa Conar

“You guys are Bad Ass, I wanna throw a rock through a window, you got me all pumped up, good stuff, good luck with your music.”

Danny Roberts

“Awesome rock! Culture Kill has the punch of a tornado !”


“Nice tone guys looking forward to hearing more. My fav is Bottom of the Lake”

Ace Cooly

“The Warning! Rockin and nice energy! ♥”


“LA style, raw power!! Excellent my friends!!”

Black Soul

“I truly expect to hear this band on much larger level one day soon !”

Mark Cereceres

“Seriously...! Great music and sound.”


"The Warning" kicks ass! Hopefully on our next tour, we can setup some shows together! \m/

Fierce Allegiance

“You guys have got your act together !! All 3 songs are excellent !! Keep Rockin !!!”


“Digging the drums :D Good, heavy music- your title track is great”


“Showing your page some metal love! Nice work \m/”

Tina Peek (Host of TBRS)

“This is an awesome metal rockin band here! Killer tracks dude!”

The Time Bomb

“solid heavy rockin tunes here guys matched by sharp, incisive lyrics..really like "The Warning"..big stonkin riff on that one!”


“What up! The Independent Music Revolution has begun!”

Switch Nonsense Network

“Great tunes and sounds! Really feeling "The Warning", love it! All the best!”

Adrian Heathcote

“...Bottom Of The Lake...wow...big big cheers...great rocking music..”


“CULTURE KILL is fucking awesome!!!!!! \m/”

Curb Side Blues

“Music is life...keep up the awsome music.”

Gods in Suits

“Thanks for the support and welcome to Iowa. You are recommended here in our neighborhood. Rock On!”

Dark Daze

“Much respect for you and your music. Katatura”


“Now this is great for both shoot out and getaway music! Rock on! ”

Bonnie and Clyde

“Cant stay away from this site the music is true and unique..my great escape is in your music..RadioJet”

“One day they might take over !”

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