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“Possessing the chops to overplay at any moment, Kasper always puts the music first. He has a knack at finding the right texture, timbre and tone to extract the maximum amount of emotion out of each line, phrase, lick and voicing. Here is a guitarist who gets it, plain and simple.”

“Exquisite tones, masterful execution and innate soulfulness drive this jazzy, funky, bluesy, Sco-and-Beck-meet-Hendrix-for-drinks-at-the-Harvard-Psychedelic-Club instrumental joyride”

“While it’s hard to categorize what Kasper does, he’s certainly one of the most imaginative composers and players working with the guitar today.”

“Authoritative ... adventurous...introspective, soulful...exotic... noirish psychedelia... raunchy ... a bracing chops laden manifesto... dramatic... an expressive showcase for Kasper's creative daring.”

“Kasper is a guitar virtuoso whose instrumental excursions find equal footing in both jazz and blues without being bound to either... Kasper wields a master's touch even as he alternates between blazing workouts ("Milk Truck"), sinewy grooves ("Trance Groove") and introspective musings ("Abyssinia").”

“Kasper can shred or slo-burn with the best of the strummers and pickers, and he's one of the very few guitarists I've ever heard who has a line on Alan Holdsworth's unique slurs.”

“Julien Kasper may be hard to "categorize" for blues fans, because he doesn't "sound like" anybody. Instead, he takes an intellectual look at all styles of music and combines them to produce a sound uniquely his own.”

“Regardless of who he’s surrounded with, Kasper’s playing is world class. His command of the instrument is clearly evident and his maturity as a musician emanates from every note.”

“Stripped down and a little spooky, this is some hard core stuff that the hard core guitar fan will take to as a wild diversion...A sure thing for hipsters and those who want to be them. But it's for real hipsters, not manqué that wear old man clothes for the irony of it.”

“Even if you don't like “this kind” of music, you'll find yourself grooving with The Julien Kasper Band. It's undeniable how much each track makes you want to do nothing but listen.”

“On Trance Groove, the latest release by The Julien Kasper Band, the music goes from jazz-funk to psychedelic to blues...Julien Kasper is an example of what happens when the experimentation goes in the right direction.”

“...draws the listener in and places you under his spell... Trance Grooves is a fine listen, especially if you want to hear a talented guitarist practice his craft”

“There are soaring runs reminiscent of Sixties' psychedelia, jazz-tinged riffs that would make Charlie Christian smile, and sonic rock swirls and techniques that any fan of Cream or The Yardbirds could relate to. That's why "Trance Groove" is such an enjoyable listen---there's something here for all music fans to enjoy!”

“Julien Kasper is a superb guitarist ... a dynamic and fluent player with a rich mind full of musical ideas. This is a terrific musician who should not be missed.”

“Kasper's playing is authoritative and adventurous. With forays into jazz phrasing and high-octane blues, his melodic attack combines equal parts of Jeff Beck and Hendrix channeled through monumental tone.”

“Julien Kasper again proves he is one of the finer rock guitar instrumentalists around. He’s got great chops and feel and unquestionable tone.”

“ Kasper displays... righteous control, dead-on phrasing, progressive composition, and savvy ears... This guy is really, really good”

“Kasper and his cohorts... gracefully cycle through rock, jazz, and blues, while always allowing their pieces to maintain a strong melodic center.”

“...in choosing a wide palette of tones, styles, and techniques, Kasper keeps the listener guessing where he will take the music.. he tastefully merges seemingly unrelated styles into his own sound.”

Bob Keelaghan - Guitar One magazine

“His tone is unique, his talent for melody phenomenal, and his band tighter than most working groups today...Kasper gives us a sound we can’t help but listen to.”

“Julien's playing resonates with pure expression - there's nothing stock or cliched... That's not only confidence, that's art.”

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