Jon Shain / Press

“From Durham, NC, Jon produces a bubbling, slow-cooked folk-blues jam that's irresistible. ”

“He is a master blues guitarist, which is a distinction you may not fully appreciate until you see the amount of finger acrobatics that go into coaxing those sounds from an acoustic guitar...Shain's lyrics are based on simple words and simple ideas that add up to common stories with uncommon depth.”

“The fine North Carolina singer-songwriter has hella acoustic guitar chops marinated in swing, ragtime, and Piedmont blues. A former improv-rocker with the band Flying Mice, Shain delivers a wonderful set of vintage-sounding tunes inspired by the new recessionary South on his latest album, Times Right Now; it also includes chestnuts such as "Careless Love" and more than a hint of Randy Newman.”

"Shain is a blues guitar guy with terriffic Piedmont style finger picking chops, but here he proves that he's a songwriter, too. The clean production makes each arrangement shine and his band is top notch..."

Jamie Anderson - Sing Out!

"What makes Jon Shain's "Army Jacket Winter" rise above the wealth of earnest singer/songwriter material available is the charming atmosphere he creates."

John Patrick Gatta - Relix