Jeff Powers / Press

“Jeff Powers is one of Rockwired's "25 Guitarists You Gotta Know"...his self-titled release is an engaging listen that will leave the listener amazed at the guitarist's musicality and virtuosity as well as his tremendous sense of songcraft. ”

“There’s nothing like finding out about a little known but awesome talent and get to be the one telling the world about them. It doesn’t happen very often but, when it does, it’s a real personal treat. This is one of those cases. To put it short and sweet, Jeff Powers is awesome and his new, self-titled CD is an excellent showcase of his incredible talent.”

"From his (Powers) rocked Hendrix like blues based guitar riffs and 70s references in "13 Seconds 67 Shots (Kent State Massacre)" to the Buffalo Springfield like "Gypsy Girl (Ode to Ani DiFranco)," to the folk simplicity of "Standing in the Rain." the journey is well worth taking."

“Moaning the Blues: While Powers recalls Neil Young, John Fogerty, Eric Clapton, and other classic rockers who embrace the blues, he refers to his music as "singer song-whiner." "It's a real hot genre today," he quips. Why You Should Hear Him: Powers has a heavy hand and a sharp ax. His self-titled debut under his own name preaches a heady mix of hellfire blues and soul-searching folk, summoning a sound that falls somewhere between Johnny Cash and Johnny Winter. ”

"13 Seconds 67 Shots"...About the 1970 Kent State Massacre – one of America’s darkest days, Powers conjures up the right amount of disbelief and angst over the happenings of that tragic day, and does so in a Dylan-esque manner.” Writing-wise, I really like where he’s at. I think this is well worth a listen, particularly if you like going deep!

“The sound recalls Stevie Ray Vaughan's Tex-Mex style, hell-fire blues drunk on mescal, loud enough to raise Johnny Winter from the grave (if he were actually dead). From the blues-swing shuffle of "Pocket Full of Money" to the Latino instrumental "Aztec Trot (Jose's Boogie)" — something you might encounter after drinking Mexican water — Cold Wind in Cleveland is a spicey blend of blues stew, spiked with Powers' edgy guitar style. ”

““Powers is a poet, troubadour, emigre’ returning home with tall tales and hard-lived insights…from his Hendrix-like blues-based guitar riffs and sixties references in “13 Seconds 67 Shots (Kent State Massacre)” to the Buffalo Springfield-like “Gypsy Girl (Ode To Ani DeFranco)” to the folk simplicity of “Standing In The Rain,” the journey is well worth taking.” ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE”