Jeb Barry / Press

"...I'd like to hear more of your work. Your vocal-style and delivery are authentic which is part of what we're looking for...Keep up the good work. Keep writing!."

TrueFangled Music, LLC

"Nice songs...very well written"

Misty Loggins: Nashville Artist

““Really like you’re songs…let talk over the phone””

Nashville Email 6

““I am definitely interested in working with you….””

Nashville Email 5

““I really think you have some good songs. They have good lyric and what we call "meat and potatoes" to the song…””

Nashville Email 4

““I sure like your style of writing very Americana... think ya got some really kool songs... feel free to submit more“”

Nashville Email 3

““Like the vocal sound and banjo playing. Nice classic rambling' country story…”.”

Nashville Email 2

““That Ring” …It is very well written and clearly demonstrates your understanding of commercially viable music…. many professionals listened to, and discussed your work this week, and without exception, they were all impressed….””

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