IVA / Press

"If Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell ever were to have a love child, she would sound like IVA – sophisticated, heartfelt, authentic, and deeply moving.”

“IVA is Philly/Jersey Man Magazine's Person of the Month”

“IVA is Featured artist in "Who's Next"”

“The message is truly positive, urging all to reach their full potential and to become “All That We Are.” The soaring chorus is skillfully delivered by the supremely talented IVA, whose voice suits the message to a T.”

“(IVA's) talent and humanitarian impulses have earned international acclaim, including major network television appearances and recognition as “Swedish American of Year.” But grace and a humble nature have kept this Tower Hill grad’s feet on the ground, rooted deeply in a childhood home always filled with music and a love of song nurtured by grandparents who were talented amateur musicians themselves.”

“Iva’s voice has a haunting, soulful, seductive quality…she is one of those people who seem to have everything…possessed with a stunning combination of beauty, brains and talent”

“IVA (pronounced EE-vah) established herself as a strong classical singer who was well-versed in opera and performed with Opera Delaware when she was just nine. Now, IVA is focusing her energy on being a singer-songwriter crafting and singing smart, intelligent contemporary music.”

“Keep you eyes open for this remarkable crossover talent...she's the real thing.”

“It’s not unusual for musical artists to reinvent themselves to adapt to the ever-changing trends of popular music. It’s quite uncommon, however, for an artist who is established in one genre of music to switch gears and successfully pursue a completely different style. But that’s what Wilmington, Delaware native IVA (pronounced EE-vuh) is doing, establishing herself as a singer-songwriter on her new EP, “Leap.””

“Life-Changing Leap - Years abroad transformed area singer/songwriter and inspired her new album”

“Keep her name in mind, for both those who listen to [classical music] and those who listen to pop music. IVA pursues both genres successfully.”

“Her early recordings were targeted towards the dance market of Europe and her live performances were with the Royal Opera of Sweden. This is quite a range, but now she is discovering her own original music.”

“As a crooner who blends classical with pop and jazz, she is IVA...Many opera singers attempt pop, but their training prevents them from relaxing enough to slide into the genre’s informality and soulfulness.”

“Lovingly crafted .. this is top quality, ultra commercial pop rock that should become massive all over Europe, and I absolutely love it.”

"I have seen a rising star – remember where you read it first!"

“A little jewel is this album that will please fans of pop/ rock with electronic elements, and this is the best pop/rock album I`ve heard in many years from a lady with a fantastic voice!”

“4 stars”

"IVA doubles up in Sweden"

"The music grows and sounds more like Within Temptation but in a more unique way."

“It is a rarity to find someone who is willing to dive into the world of pop music when their background is so strongly grounded in opera, but that's why this album works as well as it does.”

"Opera Singer Turned Rock Goddess"

"A true singer in the making"

"The absolute brightest shining star of the evening"

"A crystal-clear, beautiful symphony"

Liselotte Rönnholm - Hälsa