Isayah Warford (Isayah's Allstars) / Press

“ISAYAH WARFORD Isayah Warford is a 29 year old guitarist/front man from Fayetteville. He has been playing for 12 years starting out playing OBS jams and with various bands. He now has his own band called Isayah’s Allstars. This band has over 50 rotating members including Earl Cate, Darren Ray, Stingray, Dave Gesualdo, Darren Novatny, Wes Bowlin, Nathan Macleod, Kory Montgomery and others. The lineup is seldom the same, which creates an “in the now” feeling. You can also find Isayah playing with the rowdy alt-country band, Charliehorse. He is a fill-in guitarist for just about any band needing a guitarist.He believes that a master is not someone who is better than everyone else, but a master is someone who plays with everyone no matter the skill level. An ever on-going lesson.”