“A new group to hit the Austin Art/Music Scene swinging hard and landing direct hits all over this City's clubs, festivals and nightlife is a group called "Interstellar Transmissions" Currently a duo containing Interstellar classical guitar wound tightly on several double neck 12 string Ovation acoustics and seriously Tribal rhythmic patterns articulated on a drum kit that puts to mind some of the best drummers of all time, creating a Carnivalesque Shamonic Tribal Rock/Fusion sound that has, will and continues to not only wake the dead but also to get them up and jumping around. The magical powers this music possesses causes one to search their soul for greater meanings surrounding the intentions of life. Loud and soothing this style of music has not been introduced to mortal men ever before and is definitely boarding a space rocket to the outer ends of the solar system. Hum-drum days of the guitar putting an audience to sleep are well over. ”