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I am born in 1965 in the northern parts of Norway. My resent location is in Fredrikstad, in the sothern part of Norway.
I am a composer that have done music since the age og 8, and for the past 15 years worked with ambient and electronic music.
Lives in Fredrikstad, Norway and are for the moment playing in a band called "The Steam Band" as a keyboardplayer.

In 2014 the Steam Band built a recording studio, Steam Studio whitch is located nereby the Old Town of Fredrikstad. That`s where my workspace is at the moment.
Steam Studio also do recordings for other artists, and where the working base for a project called Pay It Forward 2016.
A non-profit project that included 6 sing/songwriters picked out in Desember 2015 and where given free studio time to record 2 of their own songs. The project started in January 2016, and the recording sessions where done in the end of September 2016. Then it was followed up by a consert in Baathuset Scene, Fredrikstad at the 26.th of October in 2016.

In addition to this prodject, I do different kind of recording work for bands and artists. Check my website for more info:

Gunnar :-)

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