Guitarra Azul / Press

“A Spain of the Mind I have never been to Spain. Probably, when someone says or suggests Spain to those who have been there, a collage of real life memories and events is conjured in thought. Guitarra Azul (Spanish for blue guitar) with the twelve original compositions on their new cd titled Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly), has done something similar for the rest of us. They have created music so vivid and palpable, that the rest of us can just close our eyes and be transported away. Our destination, however, is not the Spain of real life. Not a Spain of car traffic, cell phones, smog, or any of the other realities that any modern nation must face. No, our destination is a different Spain. A Spain of the mind. As we travel there, I will tell you a little about our hosts... Guitarra Azul is a Chicago based instrumental group. The music of Guitarra Azul is perhaps best described as Rumba Flamenco and Latin Jazz. Rumba Flamenco retains the heart of more traditional Spanish flamenco music”

“Nouveau flamenco guitar takes a new route... ...with the 2007 CD from guitarist Steve Edwards, a/k/a Stefano and his band Guitarra Azul. On the 2007 release of Mariposa, Stefano crafts an upbeat groove with his nylon string classical six string acoustic, blending Rumba Flamenco and latin jazz backed up by light percussion and some fiery Spanish guitar grooves. Fellow guitarist Roberto mixes and matches guitar colors with Stefano while the rhythm section of Miguel (percussion) and Antonio (bass) keeps the sound in motion. Amid the latin and flamenco grooves, Stefano's classical guitar expertise is never far behind on an album that travels far and wide. Robert Silverstein 20th Century Guitar Magazine www.tcguitar.com ”

“When Chicago based recording artists Guitarra Azul received dual first-ballot Grammy nominations in 2007 for their debut album, Mariposa, I must confess I was surprised. However, my surprise was only at the wisdom demonstrated by the nominating committee, never about the superb musical and recording quality of the disc itself, which I reviewed here in Chicago Jazz Magazine. Such accolades make for a tough act to follow and begs the question, Could the band produce other CD’s that would live up to so much promise? With their new album, Oasis, Guitarra Azul has answered with a fashionable, “Yes, we can!” The all-original music of Guitarra Azul is hard to compartmentalize, but perhaps is best described as Rumba Flamenco and Latin Jazz with many international influences. Rumba Flamenco retains the heart of more traditional Spanish flamenco music, the flamenco guitar, yet shows a world influence by adding the use of bass, drums, and a variety of percussion instruments.”

“Victory Gardens Biograph presents Guitarra Azul "Oasis" I love theater! I enjoy going to live theater 4-6 nights every week. Once in awhile, we do an Opera, or a ballet or a Symphony or perhaps an evening at Ravinia, but tonight I was invited to The Victory Gardens Biograph theater for the release of a new CD by one of the most exciting Latin bands I have ever heard– Guitarra Azul– a very "hot" "Hip" Chicago based Latin band, playing their mix of Contemporary Latin, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music led by Stefano, a brilliant Flamenco guitarist and composer– "Oasis" is a wonderful CD, 12 amazing pieces with sounds that are romantic, fiery, exciting and a pleasure to listen to... This band is a treat to hear and tonight I was even more fortunate as I was able to see them perform LIVE– David Chiriboga has magical fingers on his guitar, Antonio on bass and the three percussionists– Miguel, Javier and Ruben (who did a stirring "duel" with Flamenco dancer, par excellence" E”