Full Circle (Universal) / Press

“I'm thinking about them high school days. iIt seems that life was simple then, cause I keep going back, everyone was dreamin - Full Circle Carried away :D”

Robyn - Face book

“I love your music : )”

kim - face book

“I dedicated your song to my girl.. I hope it's ok with you guys and if you wanna add something I shared the link with you. I am thrilled to have learnt this song, it's the best.”

Paul - Face book

“Brenda this has to be one of my all time favorite songs and it's all you .. I want to send this to you and I'm sure Full Circle wont mind @ all .. Please just get well My Darling Angel xoxo”

Paul - Face book

“Very touching,and yes its a perfect love song ..i love thanks for sharing :)”

you tube

“Love this!! Thanks for sharing your talents <3”

Zeevah Gabriel - you tube

“So Cool”

Sami - you tube

“This was a blessed day for me meeting this wonderful group with music that touched my inner soul. Great great no other words. Your special and this song is awesome I wish you all the luck in the future sure hope to have more music from you.”

Sylvia Van Der Westhuizen - you tube

“Beautiful song and good cool voice .... :)”

LORY ROLLOG - you tube

“My Favorite Band and one of my Favorite songs ever <3 <3 :)”

Amy - you tube

“You left me a mess on ffsng, glad you did, BEAUTIFUL, love it!”

Charlene Williams - you tube

“Thank u for ur cd on Sunday i listen to it every night”

Charles Treadway - facebook

“Thank you for the add..I can't stop playing your song Everything.. I searched the net for chords and lyrics but never found any..I know 3 or 4 of the chords, the switching over is impressive but the words bring a tear to my eye and I say to myself, where is my everything..I need an angel like her and so on..It's my Bday Sunday and hitting a bonfire on Friday...I would love to play this song as we all sit the fire..Seems none of my friends or even family ever heard that song and they all say the same " what a beautiful song ".”

Paul - face book

“Enjoyed Full Circle last night!”