Foretaste / Press

“Until the release of their new CD, Terrorist TV (launched on September 11th, naturally!), I was only familiar with Foretaste through several of their remixes. But all that changed when I downloaded this fine CD from iTunes. It’s one of the most amazing new releases of 2008, from a French duo that few people have ever heard of. Foretaste is a duo with enigmatic names: XX handles the vocals with a very capable, sexy-sounding voice - with a French accent, of course - while XY does some very creative programming and backing vocals. I’m normally not a big fan of female-fronted synthpop bands, but Foretaste is an amazing exception. I highly recommend this CD, as well as their first one, Beautiful Creatures. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

“It sounds like it that Foretaste are getting better with every new material hey put out. The music is wellcrafted, but the real masterpiece comes from the sweet but especiall excellent female vocals. It has been the strong point for this band since day one and it has only improved with time. For me Foretaste has taken the leading role in female fronted electropop, no other band reaces the same level a Foretaste does at this moment. Pure art with a big soul. Purchase obliged !”