Floydshow / Press

“HOLE. E. SHIT!!!! Last night was one of THE BEST shows we have ever had at Fats!! The Floyd Show ROCKED the night like nobodys business!”

Mishell & Mario - Fat's Bar & Pool

“A tribute band is usually a group of musicians that decide to pay tribute to a band or just want to share the music they loved. However, The Floydshow takes it a step further. By integrating the sound of Pink Floyd live as well as their studio recordings, The Floydshow brings to light the best of both sides of Pink Floyd.”

“-Jukebox Heroes - The Fine, Maligned Art of the Cover Band- .....but the best local tribute band working in an oddly wide-open field is FloydShow. If your only live experience with legendary space-rock pioneers Pink Floyd has been through late-night laser shows and/or headphone sessions accompanied with a bong, the spectacular FloydShow is nothing short of a revelation.”

Bill Frost - City Weekly

“-FloydShow,- the Pink Floyd tribute band, their style is a strict, note-for-note reproduction of the original thing”

Autumn Phillips

“Pink Floyd Note for Note In a time where tribute bands deliver varying quality of classic experiences, FloydShow stands out”

Kimberly Nicoletti

“-Shine on you FloydShow- Clubs are hot to book the FloydShow, because they weave note-perfect versions of some 60 Pink Floyd tunes (spanning Piper at the Gates of Dawn to The Division Bell, and including the entire Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall), nailing the warm, alienated guitar tone and vocal nuances and including all the ambience (cash registers, ticking clocks, light show, et al).”

Randy Harward