Floodwood / Press

“I am going out on what I consider a pretty stout limb with my prediction on Floodwood. If this line-up stays intact, I am predicting a Grammy Award or something similar for these fellows. This band produces both the old school bluegrass sound along with the indie/jazz/funkgrass that is spreading within the bluegrass genre. Let us get back to Floodwood and their wonderful performances over the weekend. The band is comprised of Vinnie Amico, Jason Barady, Zachary Fleitz, Nick Piccininni and Al Schnier. You may recognize Al Schnier and Vinnie Amico from the band moe. Given the chance at the next festival you attend, DO NOT MISS FLOODWOOD ! I’d say they stole the festival”

“From the Adirondacks to the Appalachians the super group Floodwood was jaw-dropping. Floodwood is the genius creation of the merger between Al and Vinnie from moe. and Woodenspoon. Floodwood had 2 sets, both earlier in the day. Their stage presence, guests like Billy Nershi, Mandolin madness by Jason Barady, combined with the picking and vocal talents of Al Schnier make this act debatably the best all weekend…and they did it twice. Jason Barady was eager to play any gig and was in the crowd almost every gig, showing his proper respects and downright enjoying some good ole' bluegrass.”

“Straight out of the Adirondack foothills of New York -- "The Leatherstocking Region" -- comes Floodwood, the Northeast's newest progressive string band. Celebrating their one-year anniversary on Labor Day, the group incorporates the talents of five veteran musicians who have performed on stages around the world over the last two decades.”