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“The four-piece, L.A.-based Fishtank Ensemble are modern ambassadors of many of the world’s folk sounds and even a peripheral listen to their music displays not only the deeply ingrained traditions of Serbian, Romanian, flamenco, gypsy, opera and Transylvanian music—among many other styles—but also the unbelievable skill and precision that goes into its performance.”

“In the end, what anyone hearing their music notices is just how talented they are and how their music reflects the multicultural feel of our society in general.””

“Everyone in the quartet is a virtuoso of sympatico different musical forms, from flamenco to Eastern European grooves to extremely credible tangos.”

“It's a new era with a new band that's hot enough to blaze their own path. Woman in Sin is sinful only if you don't get a copy and listen.”

"Fresh and flirty, clever and quirky, Fishtank Ensemble’s Woman In Sin is a veritable boatload of fabulous”

“They raise the bar for pretty much everybody else.”

“Woman in Sin is a delightful array of bright, bold, eccentric and entertaining songs. The graphic designer deserves a standing ovation.”

“One look at the cover of this CD and you have to at least listen. This music is so fast, that you'll feel like YOU are about to take off.”

“Their new album (Woman in Sin) is an exhaustive journey across musical styles of different seas and centuries.”

“The third album by this amazing group from California is one of the best times to be found on disc so far this year. Don't underestimate the unadulterated joy of the group, which uses violin, violin trumpet, accordion, musical saw, banjolele, doumbek, cajón and some mean slap bass.”

“The Fishtank Ensemble will take you on a musical odyssey that will leave your head spinning and your heart soaring.”

“The Fishtankers prove most world musical genres can not only co-exist and give unbridled joy but also can get the world up and dancing.”

"You’ll feel like you landed in a Gypsy camp, gathered around a crackling fire while otherworldly musicians pied piper you into signing away your soul. And you’ll do it willingly because this is music to roast in hell for!"

“Saturday night at BAM Cafe, Bay area gypsy music innovators Fishtank Ensemble brought the intensity to redline in seconds flat and kept it there for the duration of the show.”

“Fishtank Ensemble, with opener Luminescent Orchestrii was one of the best shows of the year, hands down. Fusion gypsy music, played with unbelievable virtuosity on odd acoustic instrumentation and the energy of punk and rockabilly-- that's the best I can muster in words.”

“This is the last thing you want to have playing if you’re trying to fall asleep. It’s pure adrenaline: there hasn’t been anything this viscerally exciting playing around here since Ivo Papasov’s latest CD.”

“Fare like this is what was originally meant by "world music": joyous (at least in this case), knowledgeable, definitely athletic indulgences in the melding of the best of several cultures, bent to the benefit of all.”

“The whimsical name of the group belies the fact that these musicians play hard, fast, and serious.”

“On paper, Fishtank Ensemble sounds like a mess. The ensemble weaves together an unlikely blend of traditions at breakneck tempos. The resulting sound is consistently captivating, as if Gypsy swing continued to swirl around the world, picking up new inflections at every turn.”

“For those in need of having their dervish whirled, the Bay Area's Fishtank Ensemble are the rompin', stompin' leaders of cross-pollinated Gypsy music.”

Michael Simmons - LA Weekly

“Live music from the group Fishtank Ensemble...They played a blend of French swing, Transylvanian, flamenco, gypsy music--and they were incredible!”

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