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" Portrait of a Cowgirl, an excellent ALBUM by Eli Barsi. The 13th album from Moosomin singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist and yodeler that is pure folk countrified americana from start to finish. Definitely a ' must have ' for anyone's disc player or download list !!

Montreal Gazette

“Country artist and Kennedy native Eli Barsi celebrated her 30th year in the music business by taking home top honours-as Roots Artist of the Year- at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, April 26 in Yorkton. Barsi's husband, John Cunningham, was also honoured, taking home the trophy in the All Star Band (Specialty) category. “The Saskatchewan Country Music Association is a great organization that works hard to represent the province's country music artists, musicians, and industry-related people,” says Barsi. “Since moving back to the province a few years ago, my husband and I rejoined the organization and are happy to contribute and take part in as many of the SCMA's events as possible.””

“Artistically, Barsi has rarely ventured far from the kind of music that has granted her a multitude of award nominations and allowed her to perform throughout North America. In that regard, she has stayed true to her roots on the farm. Her repertoire of music over the past 25-plus years may be categorized into several genres – Western Roots, Bluegrass, Gospel, Contemporary Country, Traditional Country or Folk – but it’s all rural, it’s real and it’s from the heart. { more at link }”

“Q & A In ELKO NEVADA with ELI BARSI Read all at the link....”

“Kennedy’s own Eli Barsi has won the prestigious Wrangler Award, at the Annual National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Awards in Oklahoma City. Eli was honoured on Saturday, April 12, becoming the first Canadian woman to receive the bronze sculpture for “Outstanding Western Composition” for her song “Portrait of a Cowgirl”. While Eli was in the USA, the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards were also taking place, and there she was honoured with two awards for 2014 Roots Artist, and 2014 Roots Album of the Year. Eli is humbled by the dual accolades and simultaneous international recognition, and she expresses thanks to her Mom Georgina Barsi, and her Husband John Cunningham for their love and support. Also appreciated are Gary Bright (RPS Entertainment Group) and Bart McKay (co-producer) for their part in making this happen for her.”

“Excerpt from Christmas Show Review - Eli notes that the new year will hold some exciting new opportunities for her and husband John Cunningham. “2017 starts off with travel to Germany for a 25 date tour. " We are starting to book up the rest of the year as well...with continued shows in Canada and the United States...along with a couple of new CD releases later in the year.” Amid a cacophony of 'festive music' that often seems more a celebration of the 'best bargain' than anything else...Eli Barsi's concert offers a chance to truly reconnect with Christmas. As Eli says, “The biggest 'awards' I've received during my career have not been the trophies and statues, but the kind comments of people telling me that my music has made a difference to them in some way...brought them closer to the Lord...and connected them with family. What comes from the heart...reaches the heart......and a wonderful life is yours when you know the Christ of Christmas !”

Connie Schwalm - The Kipling Citizen

“Getting their own tour bus has been a long held dream for vivacious entertainer Eli Barsi and her bass player husband of 25 years, John Cunningham. After all, being on the road for hundreds of days and thousands of miles a year is tough enough; try doing it for 31 years all across Canada and the U.S., travelling in planes, trains and automobiles, bringing their unique blend of western retro roots, Canadiana country, bluegrass folk and gospel to audiences across North America. { see more at the link }”

“Canadian singer/songwriter Eli Barsi grew up as a farm girl at the prairies of South Eastern Saskatchewan, so she knows exactly what she’s talking about on her 13th album Portrait of a cowgirl. In her career she obviously moved to Nashville, because that is where her style of music (country) originates from, but eventually went back to Canada where she has built up a nice career, won some awards and on this new album we can hear guest musicians on all kinds of instruments (acoustic/electric guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, steelguitar, bass, drums and accordeon). The songs sound quite diverse actually, although the main ingredient is of course Country Music. However, here and there rockabilly, jazz and some folk pass by. It is a very happy record that puts a smile on your face. The production is impressive and especially Eli’s vocals are quite superb. Basically we have here a classic picture perfect polished crossover country-pop major US label style album !! Excellent !!”

P.A.C. Strutterzine - Strutterzine

“ELI BARSI - Potrait of a Cowgirl - Eli Barsi is a product of the Saskatchewan prairies. It's wild landscape courses through her every performance. It has left an indelible impact on her songwriting, including the importance of family. " I wrote the title song about my mom, who is the epitome of a true cowgirl, strong, patient & tough.”

C.E. - American Cowboy

" Eli Barsi is a talented, traditional-minded country singer from rural Canada who isn’t shy about putting her Western roots into her music. Her latest album, Portrait of a Cowgirl, is an homage to her heritage, and she dedicates the poignant title track to her mother’s fulfilling life.

Craig Shebourne - CMT Magazine

" Eli has taken the time to learn the many facets of her craft, mastering an instrument, writing songs, recording, managing the day to day business, booking shows, promoting, marketing, and cultivating an audience that supports her artistry. Maybe not a house hold name, or does she have an eye popping bank statement, but she's  been making a living doing what she loves for more than 3 DECADES, which most of us would probably define as success.  Congratulations Eli !!! "

JAC Cunningham - Music at it BEST

“The Western theme is probably at its best on God Only Knows when the singer delves into Patsy Cline or possibly even Doris Day territory on a tale of the lonely life of a Cowboy’s wife in a way I haven’t heard in decades; and sometimes miss. As regular readers will know Mrs. Magpie is a big Country fan, so this album is right up her street and she very quickly made it clear that the title track Portrait Of a Cowgirl was her personal favourite track; but for me (and she very nearly agreed for once!) it has to be the slightly tongue in cheek Big Hat, No Cattle as it has a great sing-along tune and must be a show- stopper when played live as Eli puts the ‘Plastic Cowboy’ firmly in his place with some viperish put downs. This is another one of those rare ‘finds’ that keeps me writing reviews, as Bless her; Eli Barsi certainly isn’t trying to compete with Adele or The Coldplays in the pretentious stakes; she just makes classy Country music for people to enjoy and not worry abo”

Rockin Magpie - Rockin Magpie

“This well known Canadian songbird and songwriter is always masterful when it comes to expressive delivery and telling the story within the songs. She hits all the marks once again in this new release of mixed Western and Country styles. Some of Barsi’s most Western subject matter comes dressed in Contemporary Country mounting, to be sure. But her “Contemporary” is seldom sufficiently raucous to make it unlistenable for traditionalists. Pick tracks include “God Only Knows” (“when I married a cowboy I married his brand”); the mellow track “I See You Everywhere” (“even though you’re really gone”); “Window Of The West” (memory from bygone youth); and the swinging “Prairie Skies.” Another winner is “A Real Partner,” a Doris Daley co-write done with Brett Kissell (love letters between the husband and wife cofounders of the Calgary Stampede). Nice variety in twelve tracks, a “purty Cowgirl singer” and a great vintage truck up front. It’s every cowboy”

Rick Huff - The Western Way / Western Music Association