E G Holmes / Press

“E.G. Holmes delivers a tender, heartfelt ode on the classic country folk style of “Time To Rest”. With nods to Bob Dylan’s masterful storytelling, there is a patience to the way he delivers the lyrics. Every line feels carefully considered and balanced for maximum impact. Delivery too has an honesty to it for he sings with so much passion behind him. The rest of the band seems to take cues from his careful vocals, for they further punctuate the power of his words with deft, nimble skill. Time To Rest” features a brilliant reflective stance on looking back on a life lived to the fullest, as E.G. Holmes’ words have a timeless grace to them.”

“Various Artists ~ Backroom Blues Volume Six Posted on March 27, 2018 by musicgururadio Backroom-Blues-Volume6-1400x1400 Another fine compilation from Bongo Boy Records brings you the blues, in fine form. What can I say, that I haven’t said about previous volumes. Great sound, great production, great blues. Best tracks to listen to are “HOT BLOODED 4 U” by E.G. Holmes & “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” by Revis Johnson. Give this one a listen. I give this 4 out of 5 Music Guru Stars.”

“Spacious to its very core is EG Holmes & Emmett Harris' tender “Plains Of My Heart”. Drawing from Steely Dan’s unique jazz-rock fusion the song possesses such elegance. Never overdoing things, the production positively shines. EG Holmes delves into a serene sensibility with the psychedelic “WARM feat. Dean Leo and Matt Kaprelian”. Reminiscent of a late 60s band the song feels akin to a grand journey. The song works in subtle yet satisfying ways.”

“CD REVIEW: E.G. Holmes - Wonderful you (2013) By: Cyrus Rhodes "powerful" - INDIE MUSIC DIGEST- Nominated CD of the Year! Artist: E.G. Holmes (featuring David V. Enden) Album: Wonderful you Label: Independent Artist Website: http://www.eg-holmes.com/ Genre: Pop-Rock, Singer/Songwriter Sounds Like: Billy Joel, Michael Buble, Marc Cohen, Rufus Wainwright Technical Grade: 9/10 Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10 Commercial Value: 8/10 Overall Talent Level: 9/10 Songwriting Skills: 9/10 Performance Skill: 10/10 Best Songs: Mysterious, Hot Blooded 4-U, Jambalaya”

“The final track, “Pills & Chardonnay” is simply a beautiful, bittersweet lover’s lament. Enrico Nichelatti’s violin will make you weep and Bill Barrett on guitar will wake you up from this bad dream, with a majestic crescendo which changes the tenor of the song from pleading to demanding and back to pleading yet once again. The influence of Queen’s Brian May is unmistakable on Barrett’s playing and it works perfectly on “Pills & Chardonnay” What’s interesting to note is that this group has never met and this record was not made in a traditional recording studio. The entire CD was created virtually over the Internet. While the record gives one the impression all the players were in the same room, they have in fact, recorded all their individual parts from various locations throughout the United States, Italy, Sweden and Canada. Bringing it all together Holmes used an online collaboration web site, Kompoz.com, changing the world in how music is created.”

“The title tune, “Wonderful You”, takes it a step further, placing the listener in a smoky night club from the day of big bands. With swirling strings and a fantastic horn section, all that’s missing is a tux, a martini and Rita Hayworth as your dance partner. Moving through the track list, “HOT BLOODED 4U” is a smokin’ barn burner with guitarist Jeff Chalpan tearing it up, along with Carolyn Hobza Grogan contributing sultry back up vocals, this tune is a killer and will get you to move on the dance floor! Another stand out is “Last Regret”. Vanden Enden really sells this song with his pleading story telling and the backing track by Rodriguez is such a fitting backdrop for this tune. “Jambalaya” has the heart & soul of Miami all over it. This song puts one right smack in the middle of South Beach with its Cuban flavor and spice provided by Rodriguez with his playing and back up vocals. “Jambalaya” had me wishing I took those salsa dancing lessons oh so many year”

“In today’s world with much music created solely for the kids with the pop stars using every device and gadget to keep them in tune, it’s more than refreshing to hear a CD by adults, for adults (kids will dig it too!). From the opening bars of “The Rumors”, from the forthcoming CD by EG Holmes, I was hooked. David Vanden Enden’s voice hits you like a warm, summer rain shower, so soothing and yet extremely powerful. Such a great compliment to the compositions Holmes has created. Holmes, a songwriter based in Indiana, has assembled a crack crew of musicians & lyricists to bring his vision to life. Lead by producer/arranger Raul Rodriguez, Jr. from Miami, FL, Holmes and Rodriguez have put together ten fantastic tracks featuring the stellar vocals of Vanden Enden. With assistance from lyric writers Casia, from Canada, and Ray DeMeriden from CT, all the songs are catchy and bring you back to a time when we all swayed to the music.”

“Great review for "A Not So Ordinary Christmas" at Stubby's... Raul Rodriguez, Jr. gives us a nice Folk/Pop/Adult Contemporary reading of a well written song, "This Thing Called Love". For all the time wasted every year adding up the cost of the absurd "12 Days" gifts, no one spends any time thinking about the one priceless thing mentioned in the song--"true love". Here, Casia writes, and Raul sings, about just that in a winning way that will have you singing the song in your head as you do your holiday shopping. ”