David Gerald / Press

“David Gerald is THE REAL DEAL, and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to see him live and to call him my friend! Keep on bluesin', my bruddah!”

“David Gerald is Michigan's best musical export. He wails and sings with joyful abandon and his axe is a predatory animal packing heat, stealth and finesse. From soulful and straight rocking, Gerald makes it happen. The live cuts simmer with intensity and he cooks on Albert King's "I'll Play the Blues For You", BB's "The Thrill Is Gone" and SRV's "Cold Shot." His original songs are equally good as is this disk.”

“I was transported to the Delta by David's mystifying performance so much that I could taste the catfish and smell the muddy riverbanks of the Deep South as he took my soul to the land of Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Skip James, Albert King, John Lee Hooker, and so many who've carried those riffs and vocals for generations.”

“...“Hell and Back,“ my favorite on the disc is pure Gerald, ...This song alone pulls David Gerald out of the sound-alike and wannbe pile of copycats. Here is a good song, well delivered, and one that will stay with the listener...”

“Hands down, one of the top blues musicians of our era! David Gerald brings the heart of the legendary blues with every seemingly-effortless glide across the strings on his guitar that he caresses, assaults, and makes cry and sing at the same time.”

“With “How I Feel” we hear an unrecorded SRV tune--not really but you’ll believe it. It DRIPS with scary Vauhanisms.”

“..."Before you dismiss Gerald as just another guy with a Strat (and sometimes a hat-see CD art), you need to hear the non-live songs, written by Gerald. Here is his future.”

“...“Thrill Is Gone” starts out as a subtle B.B. version... but blasts off about halfway into it with Gerald’s Stratrotechnics.... The crowd eats it up."”

“...Gerald’s guitar work is top notch, showing myriad influences... His vocals are equally impressive. He also shows himself to be a songwriter of considerable talent.”

“...His vocals move from soulful to gritty and his guitar can gently weep or scorch. A nice first outing.”

“A promising debut... and it will be interesting to see which course David pursues, guitar hero or thoughtful blues performer – or maybe he will manage to combine the two.”

“David Gerald? - Another Find, I love his Guitar Feel and Toneage, a stand out for sure.”

“I KNOW I'll be playing several tracks from DAVID GERALD's "Hell and Back" on my show. The live tracks are great ("Cold Shot," "I'll Play the Blues for You" and "Thrill is Gone"). The title track and "Stay" are very cool, too.”

“He doesn't just imitate whoever made the song famous but adds a good bit of David Gerald to each of the cuts.”

"Hell and Back" is a pretty good start to Gerald's recording career, and there are signs that with the right advice and backing he could go a long way.

“Just want to let you know that your latest recording work is getting some nice feedback on "Antique Blues" from our radio listeners here on WPKN-FM in Connecticut. Tracks:3&5 are in rotation and bringing in calls from the area.”

“Debut disc for this killer 40-something-year-old bluesman from Detroit. Gerald's electric guitar playing is way beyond good, and he has a fine blues singing voice. Mostly live cuts with audience gasps included, this is a beautifully produced CD.”

“Make no mistake, Gerald's musical delivery is unique, dazzling and resplendent. He's clearly an artist that commands respect.”

“You are a real live Blues man!!!!I would spend money to go and hear your band. I would buy your album. The real blues is in your soul... When I grow up I want to blues like you. Much Appreciation And Admiration.”

“I’m listening to David Gerald. Great blues artist from Detroit. His CD Hell and Back (self-produced 2009) is amazing...”