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“Fantastic female fronted rock/punk and more band. We say more because that’s what you get, the way they have mixed heavy rock in with punk and added a big touch of diversity by adding some thrash to there style. Exciting full on and highly charged, one great band indeed. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music will blow you away. A must add for any collection.”

“If you look up the definition of “Punk Rock”, you will read variations describing a loud, fast-paced, hard-edged, even crass, form of music producing expressions of youthful rebellion. Bands such as Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones were recognized as the pioneers of the punk movement. I think the definition could be simplified to: CrashDollz CrashDollz brings punk sneer combining demented aggression, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution.”

“Come away from the music of CRASHDOLLZ knowing that rock n roll is still alive. With a new year on the rise, it's good to know that there is a band out there with the same mission as ROCKWIRED. Based in Flint, Michigan CRASH DOLLZ are adding a little bombast to their local scene as well as in a few surrounding stages with their full frontal rock n roll assault accentuated by NIKKI DARLING's SUZI QUATRO-like growl and IGGY POP-sized stage presence as well as RACHEL REKKIT's lethal guitar licks. This ain't girl power. This is women's rawk and CRASHDOLLZ lays it down on the tracks NOVOCAINE, DOLLHOUSE and the slamming FEMALE ANARCHY.”

“Punk, metal, rockers CrashDollz have released their self-titled debut, played shows, and are in the process of releasing all new material soon. Guitarist Rachel Rekkit discusses their debut album, how the band came about, and future plans.”

“Now ths is what I call something special. CrashDollz have got everything going for them with this 12 tracker which is a marvelous fusion of punk and metal. Imagine L7 jamming with Warrior Soul in a padded cell with attitude dripping from the walls and the door locked shut. Tracks like "27 Tulip Pass", "Novocaine" and "Female Anarchy" are some of the very best songs Ive ever had the pleasure of hearing and the level of ferocity that goes with them can be terrifying at times. Guitarist Rachel thrashes out riffs in pure Johnny Thunders style while singer Nikki attacks the vocal duties as if her life was about to end. This is the real deal people! Upfront, honest, no bullshit sleaze-punk which hacks away at you like a knife-wielding maniac. Not only is this the album of the issue but it's also the best punk album of 2013. Rated 10 out of 10 (a first for this magazine)”

“With an entire album to dive into on Bandcamp, and a live show that dominates the stage, CrashDollz has no shortage of material, and spunk, to offer to the world, and all of it is right at our fingertips. If you’re looking to take a journey to the past while still feeling in tune with the present, and getting something fresh and new, CrashDollz, in all of their fierceness and energy, is the answer. If you’re not looking for something like that, these musicians are as confident as it comes, and they’ll gladly give you a big "F*** YOU" as they continue to rock on!”

“Lead single “Novocaine” is the most alluring introductory package for the band, with its bold attitude and confident lyrics, “You got that thing that I need / I’m a junkie for your disease”. Darling’s snotty delivery is only made more powerful by her unabashed, open nature—this woman isn’t afraid of anything, and she’s going to prove it to you, time and time again. After some impressive speed and energy, the song slows down in tempo during the bridge, as a fuzzy Rekkit solo emerges to seemingly cap off the track. Then, the song immediately jolts back to life thanks to the drums, and CrashDollz finishes the song in style, as strong as it began.”

“Crashdollz, a nostalgic punk metal band from Detroit, certainly has music that could have commanded the airwaves at the time, they moreso cultivate that classic atmosphere in their own way and update it for today’s music fans. It’s not often that we find a band so simultaneously in tune with the past and the present, but when we do, we can’t get enough of it. If the live videos are any indication, Crashdollz are about as anomalous as it gets on stage. Lead singer, Nikki Darling, cockily struts across the stage in her high heels, sneering and snarling at the crowd, all while her middle fingers bombard the audience without a care in the world. Lead guitarist, Rachel Rekkit, has an equally intimidating presence and somehow finds a way to run into the crowd and back in high heels, without ever missing a note during her ever impressive solos. If Mötley Crüe drifted up from the underworld as females and were way tougher than they ever were with Tommy Lee, you’d have CrashDollz.”

“The well-set framework of bass and drums allows CrashDollz to set this off with slick guitar riffs and a mewling vocal which gives the rock rooted material a jolt from the ’80s to the ’10s with a lightness of touch that makes the music far more than a throwback. This is a band who I should not be reviewing as they offer everything that a major label could possibly want from an act, yet, such are the vagaries of the industry and I am delighted that they currently remain precisely the reason Indie Bands Blog started back in 2009 and I wish them all the best for the future. Accosting attitude, visceral vocals, glittering guitar, drilling drums, booming bass, vixen visuals – what else does a band need I ponder? I leave this review feeling completely invigorated and refreshed as CrashDollz make the 21st Century seem relevant once again; in one fell swoop of engaging enthusiasm and impressive musical competence. As subtle as a brick in the face, this is music which is hurled into the c”

“CrashDollz are a high voltage shot of punkish glam metal in the vein of The Runaways and The Plasmatics with crispy hard rock riffs and plenty of hair-metal styled sleaze. For those of you looking for the missing link between Motley Crue’s party metal and 7 Year Bitch’s snarling punk rock, look no further than CrashDollz. Led by the scantily clad duo of femme fatales, vocalist Nikki Darling and guitar slinger Rachel Rekkit, and backed by the driving rhythm section of bassist Kevin Krank and drummer Brian Kaos, CrashDollz create a high energy spectacle that takes no prisoners yet still manages to bring the fun back to heavy music.”

“CRASHDOLLZ is fronted by Nikki Darling who kills it harder than most guys in the Punk Rock scene. Her vocals can be very harsh and gritty old school Punk, but also a bit more melodic and modern Punk as well. The band has a really cool gritty old school '70's styled D.I.Y. Punk Rock sound. There is a fast paced kind of chaotic sound to the majority of their music, which is the way Punk is supposed to sound. Also a bit of Rockabilly or Psychobilly influences mostly in the guitar riffing and some of the song arrangements. A combination of LUNACHICKS meet THE PLASMATICS meet BETTY BLOWTORCH meet BABES IN TOYLAND. The CRASHDOLLZ are a killer old school Punk Rock band that fans that grew up during the '70's & '80's Punk movements will love, but they will still pull in a lot of fans of modern day Punk as well. I loved the CRASHDOLLZ and would love to see them in concert.”

“Born out of the hotbed of the grandfathers of garage punk, Detroit band Crashdollz certainly know a thing or two about rock music. One of them is raw, and the other is loud. Fronted by the eye catching female duo of Nikki Darling on vocals and Rachel Rekkit on guitar, this punk rock crew have created a bit of a buzz in and out of Michigan. The self-titled debut album kicks off with 'Dumpster Punk', a riotous blast of punk rock, followed by a more grungey sounding '27 Tulip Pass'. 'Novocaine' begins with enough f-words to turn air blue and is one of the best tracks on the album with a catchy chorus. The album continues in the same breathless vein until 'Dollhouse', a sludgey, menacing creeper of a song and a welcome change of pace, and along with the opening track, it is the definite highlight on the album.”

“Crashdollz hail from Detroit and they are purveyors of blood red hard rock steak with a punk rock seasoning on top. That’s a relentlessly macho musical place to be but adding in female vocals and, perhaps surprisingly, a female guitarist has a distinctly positive effect. Crashdollz know that they have to make music to accompany professional late night beer drinking (and consequently they may cause your average mid-western 14 year old male to explode prematurely). Witness the overt sexuality in “Novocaine” if you need to hear the proof that heating things right up is their way. Now on to what makes Crashdollz a bit different. The lyrics go a good bit further than you might expect with the surf powered “Bad Taste Barbie” throwing a verbal rock right at you. That pushing things a bit further attitude extends into twisting their songs into something simultaneously theatrical and disturbing. I’m talking about "Dollhouse" and its the song of the album.”

“In my heyday, I liked The Sex Pistols, The Ramones etc etc and I liked the no nonsense Punk attitude these bands portrayed. Now we have CrashDollz from Detroit, to grab us by the short and curlies and drag us screaming through the streets, letting us know that real Punk is still alive, well and kicking ass. There is no mercy shown here by the twelve tracks on this record, and with titles like 'Dumpster Punk', 'Novocaine', 'Bad Taste Barbie', the rather awesome 'US Punk Bombs' and 'Female Anarchy', that should give you a taster as to what to expect on this record. I would also imagine that their live shows offer a taste of female anarchy - there are two girls in this four piece combo by the way. CrashDollz being fronted by the awesome Nikki Darling with Rachel Rekkit who lets rip on guitars, and boy does she let rip too! If you think this music died years ago, then check out CrashDollz who will prove you totally wrong! Punk-Metal is alive and kicking so check them out!”

“Their live shows are an intense experience with exciting showmanship and very very tight sets musically and they have pulled off a damn fine debut record. Aggressive snot nosed hard rock with punk rock sneer, with whiz kid guitar licks,memorable chorus's and a gut punch drive behind it all.Its sick really that a label has not picked them up already but hell they'll probably do better for themselves in the long run anyway. Crashdollz look like an updated Runaways but sound like a slightly more psycho L7. Not a dud on this record and it just might change the way you feel about your faith in the future of US based hard rock. Its hard to pick my favorites off this record but I'll try.... Novocaine,Bad Taste Barbie,Sugar Rocket, and the tune that really grabs me is Dollhouse. This song starts off slow and creeps to mid tempo but the song is powerful ,and so damn creepy it makes the hair on my arms stand up. Haunting...its all too rare that a song will do that to me these days.”

“Crashdollz hailing from the tough n dirty streets of the Motor city is a musical bright spot in city thats looking lie its in its death throes.Fierce, down n dirty punk infested rock.Quickly making a name for themselves across the mid-west and beyond. Not since L7 have I seen a female fronted and axe slinging band this hard and this damn good .”

“Crash Dolls is an entertaining and theatrical punk act. Led by Nikki Darling and supported by solid musicianship, expect aggressive tempos and a NYC-punk attitude wrapped in lingerie from this Detroit band.”

“Favorite Female Performers of 2011: Nikki Darling-Crashdollz- Powerful and badass...Nikki mixes punk, and hard rock vocal styles well with a don't fuck with me or else snarl...I eat that kinda stuff up. I've only caught them once live so far and Crashdollz are a relatively new band, so with more stage experience I'll be looking forward to seeing them again. Favorite New Bands of 2011- CrashDollz”

Michael Rys - Punk Globe Magazine

“The Crash Dollz Rachel Rekkit and Nikki Darling called Kimmer on a 3 way last night and we had such a fun chat about the evolution of their music and how happening it is right now... I absolutely LOVED them and their tune "Female Anarchy". Totally identify with their lyric... I really love meeting artists that have a very strong drive to succeed and follow their dreams. To me.. that is what life is about. I saw a quote yesterday on Facebook and it said.."Life is not a game...quit trying to be a player.." What??? LIFE IS THE GAME AND WE CAME TO PLAY... Rachel and Nikki definitely came to PLAY... The Crash Dollz are totally punk but also metal as well. Totally Detroit if you ask me. The girls talked about the Detroit music scene and their place in the revolution of women in rock. These girls are the real deal...”

“Next up was the highly touted group from Detroit called The Crashdollz. Now this band form the first note oozes that thing allot of performers strive for and never quite hit,the rare blend of raw talent,songwriting,hooks,attitude and stage presence. This band is a well oiled machine and witnessing them play live is the sum of all the vital parts. Songs like"Dumpster Punk", "Sugar Rocket" and "I Will Not be Ignored" could not be written and pulled off by anyone else. Rare that I've seen a crowd demand an encore for a band that's never played here before but they did and the band ramped it up again.Don't miss Crashdollz if they come your way and be prepared to spend your time up front as close as you can. Rachel's guitar solos with the lighted ray gun was fun to watch, and Nikki commands a crowd too. Oh and if your dumb enough to yell for her shirt to come off you will be challenged so pick up your knuckles cromag the spice sluts they are not.”

“Rachel Rekkit: Smashing it up for the CrashDollz with the New CD available now!”