Cliff and Ivy- Alaska's Goth Duo / Press

“CXI111... a great ghoulish album... C & I are as shadowy, sinister/menacing, heavy and uncategorizable as goth/postpunk trailblazers... Christian Death and The Screamers ... add Play Dead and Killing Joke's industrial fireball... plus some David Bowie "future Legend" like spoken word... Never mind Black Flag, this is creepy crawl!”

“Gothic and creepy - that's the only way to describe another unique one song offering from the only Alaskan goths we're aware of... the 1980Cure/1981 Killing Joke Predilections of their New Blood/Old World EP have given way to a witches brew of horror movie post-punk, like a spawn of Choir Invisible and Christian Death in the early Frontier days- with a little Juju Siouxsie's Banshees...”

“Cliff and Ivy are "one of the more original and intriguing projects in the international goth music scene right now ... with guitar that is at once exotic and abrasive, and layered vocals that flit between ritualistic chanting, wailing and spoken word (their) sound occupies it's own unique and surreal space" (http://gothic-rock.com, August 2015”

“from the chilly mad background piano to the prominent tribal drums, and those scary guitar lines up like a spider on your neck, Cliff and Ivy spit psycho flames.”

““Alaska’s only goth band” was not expected billing, given this Anchorage pair’s darkwave/new wave/punk wave/cold wave predilections on last year’s Springtide of Pure Reason EP (with ex-Germs drummer Don Bolles, and Kramer production) or 2012’s Equilux. But damned if “In Your Hands (New Blood)” doesn’t summon memories of The Cure’s Pornography. The tribal toms and callous bass are pure “The Hanging Garden” ...”

“Interview- The music that you two make are deep enough to require listeners to fully immerse themselves into the band’s recording.”

“Quite soaring music, compares to Dead Can Dance.”

“Cliff and Ivy come from Alaska (as proof that our music is diffused in all global latitudes by now) . They propose “In Your Hands” (Old World Mix), a suggestive song characterized n brano by female vocals reciting on a dark music canvas (literally, "carpet"). It an engaging tale, full of pathos, which mutates into a chant with spectral nuances towards the end.”

““We’re pretty sure that we are the ONLY gothic, deathrock/punk band in Alaska!” With that being said it’s safe to say that we now know that Cliff and Ivy are original to the frozen core, which makes it even more intriguing to find out more about this Alaskan bunch!”

“Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska which can prove to be cold as hell in the winter, Cliff and Ivy are on fire with their new release ‘Equilux’. With themes of mystery, horror, science fiction and real-life imagery racing through your ears, Cliff and Ivy have proven that ‘Equilux’ is one intriguing concept. With an overload of styles & influences hitting you all at once, Cliff and Ivy refuse to be categorized as some generic band of Today.”

“Skope: At what stage in life did music become more than a hobby? Cliff and I met when we were teenagers, at a Clash concert. At that point we decided we needed to do music and be a band. We decided to take our art seriously and have fun sharing it with the world. This was 25 years ago now! Since then we have done plenty of punk, dance, art, performance art, and film. Skope: What does music offer you personally besides the shot at fame & fortune? Music at this point is a matter of survival. If we did not do music together we would lose part of ourselves. The songwriting process and lyric writing process are so personal and connected. It’s a chance to use our voice in a different way and to have a real connection to the creative output. Its so much a part of who we are i’ts like asking us ” how is your left arm?” Well it is a part of us and we really don’t know what life would be without it. At this point we would do everything possible to have our music become actualized.”

" Cliff and Ivy are a great new band from Anchorage Alaska. Totally amazing. My Fiancee Gitane and I went to see Them with the MauMaus on Sunday Matinee in REDWOOD BAR. They are incredible! WOW! and They had Don Bolles on drums who killed it as usual! Mau Maus were amazing as well. A great show put on by the equally amazing Bob Cantu! Great sound by The Mixmonster Ed Fantl. Look out for Why? Things Burn! " RIKK AGNEW

Rikk Agnew - Rikk Agnew, musician/band, facebook

“Cliff and Ivy were featured in DB Pulsecast #12 PODCAST HERE http://dbmpulse.podomatic.com/entry/2013-04-09T18_17_17-07_00”

“Review of "My Medication": This song definitely has a cool sound to it. The instrumentation and the beat is very cool. The rhyming scheme works...!”

“I'm also LOVIN Ur music; really distinctive futuristic electronic sound, with bit of a Goth Rock edge! All Ur tracks have a really driving, pulsating energy, incredibly well produced & really creative mix of instrumentals, & love Ur use of samples & sound effects! Ivy also has real command & attitude in her vocal delivery; U remind me a lot of Chemical Brothers meets Prodigy,, & hint of No Doubt & Garbage! I espesh enjoyed "Lost Your Soul" & "Get Up!"”

“We received 5 out of 5 skulls from Missie Tong, music and book reviewer! Excerpt from the review: CLIFF & IVY - “EQUILUX” … I gave Cliff & Ivy’s Equilux a rating of 5 skulls out of 5 skulls. this is a real get upand move your ass pumped up on speed dance till you collapse then get up and do it again album…If you are having a bad day or a day where you are feeling a little lethargic, listen to any track on this album and you will be feeling like you can conquer the world in no time! Visit their website and download the latest issue- see the whole review and full page Cliff and Ivy pics- Dark Beauty Magazine #15 http://www.darkbeautymag.com/”

“I don't review many electronic duos, but this co-ed one is mega fun. And for Seward's Folly's sake they're from Alaska, which has more oil barrels than people (722,718 hearty cold souls for 586,412 square miles), so good for them- here's a better use of Alaska Permanent Fund dough then getting drunk! Expecting something po-faced- their bio correctly promises darkwave/goth/industrial- there's cool dance-blip cheer in the ska-ish "My Medication", which is what Blur's "Girls and Boys" would have been if it were more Mute Records and less Duran Duran. The harder "Get Up" is what Ivy Silence's synths are for- to menace- as quick, clashing industrial rhythms brazenly invite you to ... get up! Meanwhile Cliff Monk's guitars ("Superclass") are as frozen as the Barrow tundra. After Sarah Palin's spectacle, many forgot Alaska's Northern Exposure peculiarities. These hectic, futuristic rump-shaking folks help.”

“Its such a fully-conceived bunch of tunes. In Your Hands is just immense and fleshed out. And Get Up has that retro organ sneaking in through the fuzzed guitar work. I like diversity and you two do it to perfection.”

“Great album !!!”

“Radiant is Chemical Brothers meets The Clash; great mix of guitars while the zen of the synth moving in and out of the mix is brilliant--hope you make it out to Cali for a show!”

“Everything about this rocks. I love the way she's singing. The way everything is executed. And the heavy shrapnel spewing guitar. Sorry for commenting twice but damn! I really like this!!”

“wicked imaginative sound and experimental, industrial vibe you're dropping here..love the spoken-word, deep grind and beat for "public opinion", and that piano riff for "lost your soul" is just superb!! Big, rockin melody and loads of heavy, dirty guitar..totally original and totally captivating!”

“Blistering Industrial from the Alaskan duo Cliff n Ivy. Killing Joke abducted Moby and threw him in a lockbox with Ministry. Trailer-made, action laid. LP due out Spring 2012, full vocals…”