Casy & Brian / Press

“erky-jerky beats match with simple melodies and call-and-response vocals to make their signature Beastie Boys-meets-Devo sound. ”

“Dicing up dancehall and soul beats into sprays of manic energy”

“a hyper-punk duo”

“They’re loud, they’re rambunctious, and they’ll get you jumping all over the place in a matter of seconds.”

“What if you were to mix Matt & Kim with Best Fwends and then add chickens, casios, and caffeine? You get the vibrant and unpredictable party-rock of Casy & Brian”

“I'm not entirely sure of what I think about Casy & Brian (who are also known as "Catbees"). It's about as obnoxious as it is entertaining”

“Casy and Brian has three members: Casy, Brian and the insane boost of crackling energy which surrounds their jaunty new wave, hallucinations of animal & weirdo pop totems”

“Tweaked-out San Franciscan post-punk duo Casy & Brian make us wistful for bloody-mouthed scuffles and the f-it attitude long-gone”

“This album came out like three years ago (maybe two?) and I think I would probably have been really psyched on its angular riffage then. It still sounds good to my deteriorating ability to hear certain frequencies”