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““Afterthought” moves through a host of musical moods, from the moodier, darker vibe of the opening title track to exotic gypsy-rock feel of “Russian Inn” to the lively, driving sound of “Love Won’t Stay Close,” which you can hear exclusively for now in this Freep First Spin debut…” Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press Music Editor, October, 2016.”

““Striho continues to share her brilliance, effortlessly moving from bluesy and jazzy to belted out rock n’ roll. Her latest release, “Afterthought” showcases all of these styles, along with a few more that might surprise people. The musical poetry is undeniably Striho however, and she manages to pull everything together with the ease of a seasoned pro and the flair of a master illusionist. She makes her own creative path and people can’t help but follow where she leads…” Stacey Sherman – RSP Entertainment,Music Journalist, Digital First Media & Metro Times, November, 2016”

““Eclectic and avant-garde! “Afterthought” makes a bold and original statement from Carolyn as an artist, and why she has carved out a strong musical identity and loyal following!” Northstar Media, Detroit/Los Angeles”

““The eclectic, alternative sound contains elements of Carolyn’s long history in the Detroit Punk, Alternative, Folk and Avant Garde scene. Carolyn, a multiple Detroit Music Award recipient (among other notable awards) has toured with Patti Smith and performed with many great acts like Iggy Pop, The Ramones, and Was not Was and has performed at many famous venues worldwide. Carolyn’s performance seduces the audience and engages them with her genuine emotion bringing all of us along for a wild ride.””

““Striho writes gorgeous psychedelic pop songs that come from the silver edge of midnight. Check her poetic "Necklace" where keyboards and guitars twine the lyric and its impressionist portrait that is as drenched in musical metaphor as it is lyrical. Her track "Breathing Space" is an aching anthem of poetry and longing…””

"Carolyn is a poetic songwriter who plays piano (sometimes with the heel of her boot) and acoustic guitar (with her fingers) while singing in a style that might be jazzy, bluesy, torchy, fiery or any combination of the above…strutting and growling and singing a version of "Downtown" that would have made Petula Clark feel like a tourist, she's worth tracking down!”

“Word Attack is a true-to-form seven-track mini–album from Detroit’s rocker-turned-chanteuse. The title track has some driving guitar and sugary-pissed vocals, while “Always in my Heart” is an acoustic gem typical of contemporary Striho. Plus, “Enchante,” a staple of the live show for some time, is excellent.”

“Carolyn is the epitome of a Detroit centric artist. Her work is flavored with both the hope and grit that makes up a Detroiter. She also has an interesting story to tell and her music is part of the soundtrack that gives the quality of both beautiful and haunting in its melody, much like her hometown.”

““Carolyn Striho is a singer/songwriter with a vibrant voice, passion and energy. Carolyn’s a very respected Detroit songwiter and amazing live performer. She’s been on tour and in the studio with Patti Smith, Steve Earle, Luis Resto (Eminem) and David McMurray (Kid Rock). She’s a truly exciting artista!” Go Girls Music 2014”

“Carolyn made her name playing w/ bands Detroit Energy Asylum, Cubes & poet Patti Smith-but it's as a solo performer that she has really found her niche. Within this city’s music community, Striho is regarded as one of our best songwriters & her new album “Honesty” showcases that fact.Honest”

“Winning Detroit Music Awards sends a clear message to Carolyn Striho that the music industry recognizes her creative genius & abilities..it was not the first time that she has been in the spotlight. She caught the ears of music fans in a big way fronting her band Detroit Energy Asylum & most of those musicians eventually became the core of the band Was Not Was, led by Don Was. We are that much richer for having a truly creative inspiration like Carolyn Striho. The recipient of several Detroit Music Awards including her 2010 win for Best Rock Album of the Year acknowledging her musical excellence for the album Honesty, the title song provides an accurate snapshot of Striho’s eclectic career with a languid slide guitar, turns very Punk like and at a couple of junctures slows down to a pretty Pop vocal. “Sing It To Me,” has Latin overtones and features beautiful guitar playing by Scott Dailey, while Rayse Biggs blows a good trumpet and percussionist Ron Wolf is solid!”

“ "The punk rocker turned eclectic stylist has enough Detroit Music Awards [nominations] to build a house!"”

“Carolyn has collaborated with a slew of amazing musicians in the past, including punk legend Patti Smith, but she’s an amazing songwriter/singer/performer in her own right. Nothing exemplifies this more than her new video, “Sing it to Me,” a sultry, Spanish-sounding single with a film noir vibe that is slightly reminiscent of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video (minus the controversy). It was directed by Mark Kinnunen of Tears of Nimbus Films, and I’ve gotta say — it’s the best effin’ video of any local artist I’ve ever seen, no matter the scale of the artist’s fame.”

“Pair Stewart Francke and Carolyn Striho on the same bill, and you have two of the hardest-working singer-songwriters in Detroit — and they’re playing at the Magic Bag on Friday. Striho was in countless rock ’n’ roll bands, an unstoppable blonde music machine, before taking the solo route and never looking back. Meanwhile, Francke has a new album out, Love Implied, which sees the former MT writer at his most introspective. Jeff Scott completes a bill that sees three of the city’s finest songwriters coming together.”

“The Carolyn Striho Group Members: Carolyn Striho (vocals), Scott Dailey (guitar), Ron Wolf (percussion), Kurt Zimmermann (violin) A singer-songwriter who can sing beautifully and write a hell of a good song. Striho, a known musical commodity for years in these parts, is capable of hypnotizing her listeners as if she's some kinda siren raised on bars and factories and busted hearts. She'll likely have Royal Oak eating out of the palm of her hand by the middle of her set. —BC”

“Donne in jazz, apre Carolyn Striho Fino al 18/12 la rassegna alle Scuderie Aldobrandini di Frascati (ANSA) - ROMA, 4 NOV - Sara' il trio di Carolyn Striho ad aprire, domenica 6 novembre alle Scuderie Aldobrandini di Frascati, l'11/a edizione di 'Donne in Jazz', rassegna musicale al femminile promossa dalla Fondazione Adkins Chiti. La rassegna prevede una serie di concerti settimanali con prestigiosi nomi, dalla jazzwoman turca Selen Gulun, alla vocalist Antonella Vitale, a Cinzia Gizzi e Silvia Bolognese e al quintetto di Carmen Falato. ”

"Carolyn explodes as a front woman,recorded w/Eminem’s Steve King/Luis Resto, onstage w/Patti Smith, Tori Amos, in Europe..Striho plays keyboards w/fingers & her black boots..She’s authentic,that’s for sure, flings her leg up on the keyboard,a blend of Iggy Pop/Judy Garland–quite a ride”

“translated from the Italian - "An energetic singer with a strong and free spirit, with a natural energy and interest in experimentation and improvisation, Carolyn was born in Detroit. and composes on piano and guitar, mixing jazz, soul and avant -garde compositions in her great writing””

“Warm and intoxicating,here's a singer who means it! Carolyn needn't have bothered naming her new album Honesty. should be apparent to anyone who listens to the lovingly constructed record there's barely a note played or sung that Striho doesn't mean! The best is "Sing It to Me" poetic & ambient.”

“The triumph of Carolyn Striho's CD "Honesty" as outstanding rock/pop recording at the 2010 Detroit Music Awards a couple months back highlights the city's current bumper crop of gifted female singer-songwriters. It is fitting that the award -- one of three she won that night --went to Striho, whose roots in Motor City music run deep.”

““Is This Me?" is exceptionally good! The internationally renowned artist's voice is warm, rich,idiosyncratic & eccentric "Tiara" opens on violin, mournful,melodically beautiful "Ocean" is cool trippiness/chanting- Enchante" w/gypsies, tramps & thieves. Want more from the Motor City maven”

“Once upon a time in a distant memory of Detroit in the glam-punk-rawkin'days, Carolynn Striho fronted a group called the Cubes, one of the best bands of its day. She's been doing it like an eternal teenage dream ever since, heading up the equally punchy Detroit Energy Asylum, and collaborating with Patti Smith (yes, that Patti Smith) and Vinne Dombrowski of Sponge. This Thursday, Aug. 5, Striho welcomes the multi-talented Troy Gregory (the Witches, the Stepsisters, Dirtbombs, Nathaniel Mayer) to a swingin' garden and patio party at the Whitney. The jams will be kicking out! The Whitney is at 4421 Woodward Avenue, in Midtown Detroit." Troy Gregory will be here to perform some great jams, too!”

“Carolyn tuning Patti's guitar...at Borders Ann Arbor for the "Just Kids" Reading! (slideshow)”

““Striho has been an irrepressible attraction on Detroit’s musical landscape, noted for her impassioned live sets. After years of experimenting, and eclectic shows in Detroit, Toronto and many shows in Osaka, Japan, Carolyn Striho has got it! her songs reveal the awareness of personal evolution.”

“Ralph Valdez, WDET-FM Detroit: “The music that she’s been doing has always had a great Detroit feel to it. Now something more is happening, there’s more hooks, a blend of hard Detroit sounds with more pop elements…””