Brian Matthew / Press

“Sundown On Sunset: The Brian Matthew Band. Brian Matthew’s most recent opportunity was to open for John Popper, of Blue’s Traveler fame, at the Key club on March 2. Brian’s mix of a bluesy, sometimes reggae, and certainly jazz beat adds flair to the rock and roll, and it was a great pairing of sounds on the bill. Brian has been a music educator and school band director for almost twenty years, and he plays trumpet, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, as well as keyboards. It’s that trumpet that hooked me that Wednesday night. The sound Brian built was fantastic. You can check out some of his tracks at myspace.com/brianmatthew229. No matter how good the show, and opportunity for Brian was, it’s still about the passion for the art. Kids learning music have a role model in Brian, and musicians working the circuit do, too.”