Billy Tsounis / Press

“Psychedelic celestial jams, dirty metallic blues, arena rock guitar solos ,free form jazz intentions and fuzzed out swirls of unrestrained bliss”

“Warp Delights will take you out of your mind and on a musical journey through the sonic cosmos”

“Warp delights is a continued progression of space-jams and improvisations based of Tsounis' planetary riffs and arresting chord progressions”

“Crazy train visionary Billy Tsounis is like a heavy metal Sun Ra.”

“The 9 pieces presented here have much more to do with emotion,energy and soul tan structure, form or conformity.”

“Billy Tsounis delivers energetic guitar solos, full-force psychedelic improvisations and never a place where the songs get lost in their meanderings.”

“The most recent Billy Tsounis and The Amazing androids album, "Pimped by the Gods" is 'amazing' (no pun intended"”

“Billy Tsounis is one of those dazzling, flash fingered, guitar player's guitar player-you know, like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, he possesses a seemingly limitless crayon box, and an obvious jazz from hell Zappa influence. He has an enormous music vocabulary but uses his many visceral tones and brash tongues to tell simple stories. "Let the coconut shine" reminds me of Prince B-Sides, at their most spiritual. All his psychedelic instrumentals are so full of texture, nuance, poetry. An unusually gifted and inventive rocknroll guitar player, he's always pushing boundaries, finding forbidden new frontiers. "Duckface baboon ass castration" is what happens when Capt. Beefheart and George Clinton smoke crack in Steve Vai's wine cellar. Billy Tsounis is inarguably one of the most rambunctiously creative hard rock guitar-virtuosos of the drone age generating an epic onslaught of quirky and hallucinogenic tunes that are both complex and dramatic. Simple, panoramic ,offbeat.”

“Psychedelic to the point of being semi-hallucinatory ,the new album from Billy Tsounis pulsates with energy from the first moments, billowing out in expansive waves of guitar and bass held down by the solid drumwork. Mr. Tsounis put everything together himself, and the quality and sense of interaction between the assembled pieces deserves some recognition. There's some truly intricate stretches of sound to be found here, and imagining the multi-tracking behind it is enough to make your head start to spin. The guitar usually has a pleasantly bright tone ,and in Tsounis' hands, it comes alive with personality, adding to the many layers of material to mull over while listening to the albuma gain and again. Great stuff, all around.”

“For those of you who like your progressive rock a bit out there and distinctive, take a gander at Southern California guitarist Billy Tsounis's latest release Nefelibata. The album is a culmination of odd and unique song structures; it often borders Zappa -like offbeat rhythms, Ozric Tentacle weirdness and elements of Joe Satriani power solos. It's definitely a unique blend of styles going on here. Guitar-centric instrumental albums are often known for their repetitiveness and conservatism. Billy Tsounis has impressed us by going outside the box and developing a style that is bold ,experimental ,and on the edge. This is an album that will appeal to many who frequent the progressive side of rock and want something that goes a bit against the grain”

“Billy Tsounis is an insanely creative guitar player, drawing from every era of classic rock,sixties punk, Hendrix experience/Band of gypsies/Parliament-funkadelic psychedelia, MC5 jam band pyrotechnics,Tommy Bolin super heroics, Robert Fripp prog rock, sinister Jimmy Page occult menace, Marc Bolan spaceball ricochet, Daniel Ash artful-experimentation ,Mick Ronson stardusted catchiness,dart pitching, pitcher swilling cock-rock,Steve Vai sci-fi wankery, its all here. Billy, the guitarist is a full-on space-hun/intergalactic conjuror and a time travelling technicolour story-teller.”

“We have to admire folks who create music out of a pure desire to create.And that is the case with Billy Tsounis.This fellow recorded and self-released this album most likely knowing full well of its limited audience potential.The appropriately titled music for your vacation is an exercise in unbridled creativity.Tsounis doesnt follow any conventional forms or styles,he simply turns things on and expresses himself. Billy is influenced by free jazz, improvisation,ambient, lo-fi,psychedelia,noise,and drone...and we can hear traces of allthese in his music. This disc is a truly peculiar spin, and theres a lot to take in. Sixteen com[positions that clock in at justunder 80 minutes. Perplexing tracks include "Barnyard zombie code","Tub Dub", "Twirl" and "Fingerpicked space dirt". Interesting heady stuff”


“Billy Tsounis brings a whole galaxy of shadowy psychedelic sounds”

punk globe magazine

“Just had to play 'satans dirty dildo'-Barry Smolin-KPFK 90.7 fm”

Barry Smolin-Headroom show

“Weird and wonderful.An Alice in wonderland meets Chucky weened on Devo”

Kim Fowley

“Mutated lounge music”

subversion magazine

“Feels like you riding your whacked out uncle's experimental greasy wave of weirdness and powerblues raunch.Freaking freely and unleashing a cartoon demon or two.”