Bent Self / Press

“[Best Song Award -Rock/Electronica] - "Gritty and aggressive, but with awareness of its own hypnotic melody, 'Kill Them Slow' is an uncanny concoction of passive aggressiveness"”

"Be a hit on alternative radio stations. I am amazed by his vocal ability, top!"

Liq.Con. Review

"He is very good at writing songs and it makes the album entertaining"…."He does a good job at melding together what seems like two different worlds" -

Brian - Above The Radio

"He has a smooth tone which complements the gritty, rough tone of the chorus and gives the song many layers. This is a good dance tune"

Fan - Liq.Con. Review

"Cross between rap and rock and the transition works. I think thats the real talent"

Fan - Liq.Con. Review

“This is definitely my favorite song now! Trey is ridiculously talented and this song could easily become a new anthem for all skaters"”

Sonya - - Y.T. Review