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I just saw Devil And The Darkness recently and was shocked by how much better they sound lately. These guys used to be called Descention, and to be honest, I used to get on them a bit about their guitar sound being muddy/too distorted. It kind of ruined it for me for a while. But the other night, somehow things got worked out and they were killing. I've
not seen them this tight and melting faces like this before. It was the best they have sounded to me. The guitar tones seemed clearer and better sounding somehow. It was chunky and heavy as hell and as a band these guys were pretty fargin' tight. Great bassist, and the drummer seems to have gotten quite a bit better as well. The vocals of Daniel Finley are brutal and he seems to be the Dani Filth of the Louevil metal scene. His high-pitched screams and growls are pretty sick. Not many vocalists do that kind of stuff around here. Usually it's monotone growling and grunting and barking that go with most metal bands. Daniel mixes things up nicely.

I was really enjoying the doomy thrash sound of this experienced veteran Louisville metal band! It's almost like it wasn't the same band anymore. Whatever is going on, I like it, and like it better than Descention.

I'm looking forward to hearing some more Devil And The Darkness, and if you like heavy, doomy, thrash groove laden metal, then you might want to quit bullsh*tting around and get out to a DATD show asap.

These guys rock..

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Daniel Finley - vocals, Chris Justice - guitar, Tommy Martin - guitar, Marlon Griffin - bass, Rev. Jay Shepherd - drums
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Devil and the Darkness
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Louisville, KY

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