Sarah Carroll / Press

“Star Parade/ SugarRush Music/ Reviewed by Dr John Lamp. If opera can be thought of as the musical version of a novel, then ballads are the short story. I have always admired the short story – neat, direct and self-contained. Alan Marshall vs Tolkein! Sarah Carroll is a great exponent of the ballad. The core of the Left Wing is Leigh Ivin (guitars and keys), George Wilson (bass and percussion) and Ronny Rindo (drums and percussion), with all of them contributing backing vocals. For me there are a number of special tracks on the new CD Star Parade. ‘Wives Know’ is a very forthright description of something that every husband has long suspected. I’ve already drawn the attention of a few car nut friends to ‘Heaven is my Holden with the Windows Down’. It brings back many 1960’s memories of the old EJ. The songs celebrate life and reminiscing, a lot of it to do with being on the road, a big part of a musician’s life. 4 and a half stars!”

“SARAH CARROLL - HOME AND HEART Recorded once again at Barry Stockley’s Fatsound Studios and featuring a bunch of sympathetic players fleshing out a fine and varied bunch of new songs,this record is full of the feeling of family and friendship,along with the wry social observations and ratbag sense of fun that she’s so good at..Highlights include a definitive version of the hilarious Ukulele Bitchfight,containing the most berserk ukulele solo,courtesy of the great Leigh Ivin, that you’re ever likely to hear; the Cajun waltz of Ponty Wood; the slice of small-town seaside Skate Park – the moment that Chris Wilson’s harmonica hits the ramp and just takes off has gotta be heard; Slow Sunday, the warm ode to Dan Warner, families and the great Aussie day of rest; and my personal favourite,Wild Garden, a smoky, dreamlike meditation on what can be found just outside your door, featuring Gleny Rae’s gorgeous descending, multi-layered fiddle lines....”

“As the title suggests, this is domesticated folk-rock, the kind of music talented people might make around a kitchen table. Opening song New Shoes is a Sunday afternoon easy-rocker, featuring Marcel Borrack's electric guitar and a lovely singalong melody. Ponty Wood brings in a touch of New Orleans zydeco, its acoustic guitar carried along by Gleny Rae's fiddle_ Skate Park is a jaunty little Rockpile rocker with typically hot Chris Wilson as the harp lead. Wild Garden is where it all comes together — a gorgeous tune carried on an undulating bed of violins, bass and guitars. Nymagee Sun Goes Down is the great Leigh Ivin stepping out on a pedal-steel instrumental. And how can you not love a song titled Ukulele Bitchfight? It’s warm but never fuzzy. ”

“ Carroll is a veteran of the scene, and yet always seems to slip around subversively; you're never sure where she will turn up next, and when she'll drop her next record. HOME AND HEART is that place at the moment, and it's a record where she takes all she's done thus far and brings it all together into one gloriously happy, breezy place........ In the mix, too, you've got a veritable who's who of the Melbourne music scene - Marcel Borrack on guitars, Chris Wilson on harmonica, Suzannah Espie on backup vocals, Gleny Rae on fiddle, Tim Neal on keyboards. It all combines to make for something special and transports me back to the Rainbow Hotel in its heyday, smoke swirling in the air as this lot commanded the stage with a smile and a wink, a country record made down by the beach by a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Fine record. ”