Modis Chrisha / Press

“Modis Chrisha. A composer of zealous classical music with a beatnik that defines his sounds that no one else has.”

“So much beauty... Many times people have to add a lot of layers to achieve the sound that you have but you've done it in a very simplistic way... :)”

“Excellent work - um es gleich für alle zu sagen ...”

“Great Sound, Great Production, Great Musicianship! The uniques sounds of Modis Chrisha keep you coming back for more.”

“Loving the sounds and creativity Modis.. You definitely have your own style”

“Great unique style, and a nice blend of classical with electronic beats. Thanks for your creativity...”

“Fantastic arrangements, I love the orchestral element to your music; "Storm" is so good.”

“very clean sound with a tasteful combination of beats and harmonic/melodic elements.”