Apocalypse Theatre / Press

“(insert British accent) "That's cool. You guys are like a mini-Pigface." said Martin Atkins leader of Pigface & owner of Invisible Records.”

“I saw these guys play once in Jacksonville, NC. Great show, with multiple simultaneous vocalists and lots of things being banged on! ”

“MercyKill (and APOX) has quite a history in Minneapolis and beyond. Drawing members from such institutions as Apocalypse Theatre, Riverbottomsuckerfish, Harsh Reality, and MANY more, the band has created both a sound, and stage show to reckoned with. With their industrial overtones and White Zombie-esque electronic beds they take the helm and bash into the listener a reason to stand there, awe-struck, unable to move aside while they just beat you into submission.”

“On a cold and snowy January of 2003 evening Alex Zander and Martin Atkins gathered with members of Apocalypse Theatre, Bozo Porno Circus, Nocturne and Voodou along with employees of Underground Inc for an MK ULTRA photo shoot. It was for a cover and centerfold themed "The Girls of Underground Inc."”

“Without exaggeration, Apocalypse Theatre is quite unlike any other band working today. They are so dedicated to their music and performance that they abandoned the ordinary concerns of establishing a home and seeking income in order to achieve a nomadic lifestyle that calls for "living" in their touring vehicles and essentially being on the road all year round. Over the past five years, the band has grown into a roving tribe, whose followers pick up and drop off at various points during the journey. Infiltrating the fringes of straight society, Apocalypse Theatre has amassed a huge mailing list of supporters along the way. They've self-released four cassette collections, have criss-crossed the U.S. nine times, and sold 3,000 of their self-financed debut CD Angry Angels out of the back of the Apoxvan.”

“Discovered a thread about The Diseased: @Forestimp45 can u give the link of that version? please?? @rluzzade ah yeah I was looking for that version. I have it on The Goth Box (disk two, I think) This one isn't terrible, but I very much prefer the other one. Oh well. @rluzzade really? thank u for telling me that :) There was an original recording that was very different. It was on a compilation from, I think, Cleopatra records This version is from the full-length album "Lost in America" from Invisible records. ”

“just added "burning death star" to my radio. that f***ing rocks!! cant wait to hear more ”

“V. Sangre de Mercy and Hope founded Apocalypse Theatre sometime back and have been the core of the band ever since. Apox are much more than just a band though. They are a traveling music caravan. This might sound like a gimmick, but it has left them in need of money on several occasions. And they are still doing it, so where is the gimmick in that?”