“METAL TEAM UK – “expect to have my rib cage flattened with their riffs” LIVE MUSIC SCENE – “these guys deserve all the attention” RINGMASTER – “fine release with an ingenuity and thrust that hits the sweet spot whilst bludgeoning the ear” ”

“TERRORIZER – “Allerjen pride themselves on having an original and varied sound, and with this their pride is justified” ROCK SOUND –“ Complex, forward thinking metal……remains largely unique” LOUD STUFF – “Allerjen have quite simply blown me away……it’s been an experience which will stay with you and shape how you listen to things from here on” HEVY PETAL – “it is a barrage of chugging riffs, rhythmic and tempo changes, technical legato guitar licks, and a sublime metal vocal delivery” IS THIS MUSIC? – “It’s the rare metal band than can liven up the tropes of the genre……Equilibrium achieved” HOT DIGITS – “The sound is hard, heavy, brutal stuff” ROOM THIRTEEN – “Allerjen may well not only catch your attention, but dig its talons in and hold on indefinitely” METAL DISCOVERY – “there is enough variety in the riffs and general dynamic that you don’t feel like you’ve heard all there is to hear by the half-way point” LIVE MUS”