"The album 'AWAKEN MY SOUL', by Jeniqua for me is a very personal display of her song writing talents. She manages to capture real depth in the songs like the track 'Wings to Fly' and 'Change Me', then hitting you with uptempo 'Runn'n'. My personal favourite is "Get Ready feat Shanice'. Indeed a very underrated Artist/Songwriter. An album definitely for your collection."

"Star Quality. Lovely Albums & EP. Wow spoilt for choice. Your tracks had me grooving in the studio." "Jeniqua has style and truly blessed vocals. Was so happy when I recently received her EP and Gospel Album. Both went down extremely well on my Radio Shows. Jeniqua keep rising. You are wonderful and I shall forever push your wonderful tracks 100%."

“'U GOT IT GOIN ON' is a great uptempo track, straight to the Urban Meltdown Radio Show Playlist.”

“Love this Lady and her music! She never releases anything that is less than the best she can do and all her work is the best. A highly talented songwriter, Jeniqua’s music touches life in the most personal ways but always is positive, encouraging and very entertaining!”

“Jeniqua is back with an infectious dancer, with her unique vocals, she's definitely got it goin' on. Looking forward to an album!”

“An Australian singer with an apparent love for the old school British soul style, Jeniqua makes a convincing case for nostalgia with her song ‘U GOT IT GOIN ON’. This is a nice song nicely sung that might just have dance floor appeal too.”

“Thank you for the great sound, Great work as usual, we would be honored to have Jeniqua sit with us, and have a on air interview about herself and what is going on in her life of music. Jeniqua know I always make time for her, she has a home here at 40footholestudio Radio, and in my heart.”

"I love the vibe and groove that carries Jeniqua's new single, U GOT IT GOIN ON, perfect for radio and clubs, wrapped around with Jeniqua's always optimistic vocal"

“Channeling J-Lo at the height of her dance-funk powers, Jeniqua's sultry single 'U Got It Goin' On' matches up her listenable vocal style with a mid-tempo funky backing track that lights up with its mix of instruments, that is as 'hot, hot, hot' as the lyrics suggest in the sexy chorus.”

“With every track you see, hear and feel Jeniqua’s growth. This track is a cornucopia of essential soul. Vocally sweet, musically mesmerising and a groove that’s right on the money! I can’t stop playing this one! - U GOT IT GOIN ON.”

“When I play this song 'U GOT IT GOIN ON' the dance floor heats !! What a wonderful voice! Incredible! I played in my last radio show on 365 soul (UK) and it was really good. May God continue to bless you guys. Always!”

“For Jeniqua we follow her since 2010 and we have always believed in it. She has a beautiful voice and her music is always in a mood New Soul / RnB which is our radio RJM Groove. Jeniqua has always been simple and also meets our messages with the kindness that characterises it. We will continue to follow here career closely and RJM radios will always be there to spread her music. 'U got it goin on'”

“Jeniqua is the Real Deal. Real R&B Music. You will always have my support. Keep doing your thing. Much Love. 'U got it goin on'”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON - The track is WICKED and Jen is singing her ass off (as usual). So, I am not at all surprised by the positive feedback it has generated, thus far.”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON - "The silky dulcet tones of Jeniqua fires this soulful 2 step along superbly"”

“Jeniqua, U got It Goin' On has been receiving extensive airplay from our DJ's and is getting great feedback from our listeners on JFSR.”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON - its a good song . I've always enjoyed Jeniqua's music. On 1st hearin I knew it had a certain something.”

“Greetings Jen I received a copy of your new track yesterday....WOW!!! You certainly do have it goin on. Wicked track Jen It will be on my playlist 3/4 times tomorrow morning Thank you. Stay blessed!”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON - Wow what a nice tuuuuuune.... Must say you have a sweet voice and I really like your flavour.. Wishing you every success.. Enjoy your musical journey..”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON is on FIYA! Would like to get it on radio programs on the indie music network.”

“Hey Jen! Love the new tune its amazing. So glad things are moving on for you. Its clear you have worked so hard to make it happen. If anyone deserves recognition and good fortune it’s you! So inspirational. God bless you and your lovely family.”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON - Thankyou ! this is brilliant.. in this weeks show !”

“U GOT IT GOIN ON - Floor Filler trust !!, love it !!”

“I like the groove of this song, U GOT IT GOIN ON, smooth & funky at the same time. Keep on this way! Cheers from France.”

“What a tremendous singer. Love the material. (U GOT IT GOIN ON & JENIQUA EP)”

“'U GOT IT GOIN ON ' - Ouhhh I love it, it will be in our progammation Groove radio and regularly happen at random times. Thank you very much and Jeniqua biz for us”

“I just caught your new single U Got It Goin On, incredible track!! I'm really lovin' it!! Congrats on creating something so wonderful.”

“'U GOT IT GOIN ON' I love this. Lovely new happy dance music from Jeniqua. I'm still in love with this immense tune (Making Love), still sounds fresh and fabulous. .”

“I am enjoying Jeniqua's new music (Jeniqua EP), in particular the gospel songs. She's singing, writing and co-producing the songs. 'GET READY' was instant fav on 1st hearing it . I look forward to airing Jeniqua's music on FM and online platforms I'm involved with.”

"Jeniqua is the quintessential example of triple threat. As a singer, writer and producer, she is one of the most talented individuals I’ve met in decades, and I was blown away by how effortless she flows through melodies. Jeniqua’s tone, style and her sense of rhythm is unique as she possesses the rare ability to lace any track. Hard to imagine all of this talent hidden under the guise of a super model hero ninja warrior princess, but she is truly a force to be reckoned with. After having the pleasure of working with Jeniqua extensively, I’m convinced that she is exactly what the music industry is missing… Jeniqua is the real deal from start, to studio, to stage, to stardom."

"Just listened to & looked at Jeniqua; she's got the magic formula of the successful entertainer--she is a beautiful young girl with a great voice, love it!"

"Jeniqua is a soulful songstress that I admire a lot. I am DJ Based in Miami Florida, and I'm always spinning her music. She has that hot R&B I'm sure you'll love."

"Excellent five track set, Jeniqua's voice is so crystal clear and the harmonies of the music and vocal combine so well 9/10. Can we organise an interview?"

““I am the one that is honoured. Your music is the definition of who I am and my life. To share with others class music is only great when artist such as you are making it. I thank you.””

"Singer and songwriter, the beautiful Australian lady is a gifted artist, she began her first experience from a young age writing poetry, then she taught herself the piano creating melodies and chords to give birth to sweet tunes from a poetry and verses, such a butterfly in its chrysalis her songs were born. The voice of this incredible fairy songstress gives happiness, caressing with tenderness to your ears. God! Her music is greatly good for health, relaxing and magic and adding to all, she is incredibly pretty, such an angel gifted of all prettiest things on earth. 'AWAKEN MY SOUL', her gospel project, is one of her songs I love. One of my favourite songs although I love them all, her voice is lightness and soaring up above so sweetly, lyrics very spiritual and thankfulness, I personally adore this song." (Oct 2012)

"The first single from the EP ‘BETTER DAY’, received wonderful reviews and debuted at No.3 on the Solar Radio Airplay Chart. The EP itself, debuted at No.10 on DJ Sly’s Top 30 Chart (Bang Radio), rising shortly after, to No.4 alongside other artists such as Angie Stone, Faith Evans, Rita Ora, Miguel etc. The EP also debuted at No.18 on Solar FM’s Sweet Rhythms Chart, Top 30, amongst other world class artists, such as Dwele, Tamia, Jonathan Butler, etc, all of whom she admires."

"Hey Jeniqua, Congrats and hi5 on the EP! I've just listened to it and love it!." Definitely will feature on my show."

"This stuff is quite exceptional, and I feel very lucky and honoured to have the chance to feature some of these great tracks on my show.... am loving 'BETTER DAY' - Jeniqua. I hammered 'Making Love'. Just loved it and Better Day is even more classy."

"Keep an eye on this singer and songwriter. She's got an angelic voice that's turbo charged. Highly suggest you add her tunes to your music collection. Jeniqua (Jenn Titus) is the real deal." Deborah Diak from New York - (Rising Star Artists)

“(Jeniqua - Ballad)... Greetings from the U.S. of A, my friend. I just finished listening to the snippet of your latest single, and must say I was not the least bit surprised at how beautifully you put your heart into those words, since they were your own. I loved the way you put your stamp on this ballad and made every word penetrate my heart, to feel much of what you were probably thinking when you wrote this song. Loved It Jen!! Keep up the wonderful work my beautiful Songbird from down under...”

"Jeniqua - You are a Star that shines So bright. I am ready to release a statement... Take it away!" Jan Funkhouser-Lloyd

“(Jeniqua - Ballad)... What a smooth & lovely song with a beautiful clear voice by Jeniqua - really like it!”

"This track is awesome. It just gave me goosebumps......" (Jeniqua - Ballad)

"Jeniqua is a phenomenal singer and songwriter that is not afraid to be herself. The outpouring of her lyrics are truly positive and captivating. I recommend her music, not just to music lovers, but also for those who are seeking comfort and trying to find some release."

“My single/song: 'MAKING LOVE', (Written by Jeniqua, Music Prod'n by Cool Million), besides having been sitting at NO.3 for awhile on the UK Soul Chart and lots of airplay.... it's been at NO.1 (Traxsource.com RnB/Hip Hop Chart - Top 100 Downloads)....and at various times over many months 4 times in the Top 20, 3 times in the Top 20 etc etc.. As of Today, 31st July 2011, it is still at NO.1 (Urbanized mix) & NO.9 (Sed II Soul Mix).. since it's first release on the Soul Compilation album back in April 2010. I'm Blown away and thankyou to all of you who have embraced me and my music... overall. Much love and blessings J xxxxx”

“My single/song 'Making Love' has been for a long period of time (a few months), 4 times in the Top 20 including being NO.1 numerous times...in the TOP 100 Downloads at traxsource.com... as at 11th July 2011 - 'Making Love' (Urbanized mix) at NO.1 'Making Love' (Sed II Soul mix) at NO. 6 'Making Love' (Album mix) at No.47 Plus all of the 6 remixes available for download at traxsource.com (search - Jeniqua)”

"MAKING LOVE has been one of the most in-demand tracks from DJ's and tastemakers all over soul-land since the album came out last year...so it's with great joy that we bring you this top drawer track with 5 brand new remixes alongside the killer album version!"(Soulfood Music)

“NEW CHRISTMAS ALBUM RELEASE (Nov 26th) - Featuring 'What Christmas Means to Me' (Jeniqua /CMillion Featuring: Shanice, Isaiah & D-Minus)... I'm Amongst such wonderful artists!!!.. Woooo Hoooo.... I love Christmas. Enjoy xxx”

“AIRPLAY ON THIS RADIO STATION - 'Making Love' - Heard throughout the World LIVE 365”


"Jeniqua’s huge voice and talent has been compared to many established recording artist that influenced her development, though make no mistake as a vocalist, her voice is an unmistakably unique and divine gift. Her combined talents and style make her the complete package entertainer. Jeniqua’s voice, stage presence, raw talent and work ethic will have a huge impact on the industry.”

“QUALITY TIME CREAM CUTS CHART (Oct 16, 2010) (MAKING LOVE @ # 19) 1 ( 1) KINDRED THE FAMILY SOUL Everything I Need 10 US PRVCY CD 3 ( 3) INCOGNITO Lowdown f. MARIO BIONDI & CHAKA KHAN Lowdown ....8 UK DOME CD 5 ( 5) JONATHAN BUTLER So Strong 6 US MACK AVENUE CD 10 (13) LEELA JAMES w. RAHEEM DeVAUGHN Mr. Incredible - Ms. Unforgetable 5 US STAX CD 11 ( 7) ERYKAH BADU Window Seat 10 UK UNIVERSAL MOTOWN CD 13 (10) D'ANGELO Heaven Must Be Like This 15 UK THINK DIFFERENTLY CD 18 (16) THE TEMPTATIONS Let Me Catch Your Diamonds 19 US UNIVERSAL CD 19 (18) CMILLION / JENIQUA 'Making Love' 20 GERMAN SEDSOUL CD 20 (20) DIRA Inside Love 23 UK EXPANSION CD”

“..... "Among the newcomers, Aussie beauty Jeniqua deftly handles the adult midtempo, "Making Love," Read more: CMillion | Review - Back for More (2010) | SoulTracks - Soul Music Biographies, News and Reviews”

“DAREDO ALBUM REVIEW on (CMillion's Album 'Back For More') .......Newer names are also embraced and these artists fully carry the musical torch that is so important to the CMillion ethos. The integrity of the past meets the talent of today and breeds hope for the future...and no-one can fault the brilliance of artists such as Jahah, Paul Mac Innes, Jeniqua, P.A.C.E., Laura Jackson, Yvonne Gage and Clare Evers. Combining the best vocal talents from all over the world, raising the musical bar and constantly setting the agenda and setting trends, Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle are set to dominate radio, dancefloors and CD players the world over. Years of experience, love for the music and creative skill are perfectly forged together in this CD project. We, as they, are definitely “Back For More”.”

“CMILLION Making Love / Sweet Baby etc.From German SedSoul CD Back for More CMillion's sophomore set was already our album of the month last April, and individual tracks seem to find their way one after another onto the Quality Time Cream Cuts as well. The first of them was the punchy groover Sweet Baby, which proves that Meli'sa Morgan is still vocally in terrific form. Musically, the track sounds like it could have been taken from Meli'sa's debut solo album released in 1986. Other 80s soul heroes who guest on the album include Eugene Wilde, Dee Dee Wilde, Al Broomfield, Leroy Burgess, Rena Scott and Peggi Blu, but the CD also introduces new voices like the lovely Australian soprano Jeniqua who sings lead on Making Love, the most arresting tune on the whole album. 'Making Love' (Ready for my Love) written by Jeniqua (Feb 2009)”

“THURSDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2010 Cool Million - Back For More - 2010 - Sedsoul Cool Million have not skipped a beat as far as their releases are concerned..... "Of the new tracks, Jeniqua's "Making Love" is total, total quality. A brilliantly rounded vocalist of the caliber of Tamia (although singing mature music as opposed to kids' RnB) sings as sweet as a bird on the beautiful midtempo effort "Making Love"...a track that is both very 1980s and yet very 2010 in the same breath. An instant dancefloor hit." Barry Towler The Vibe Scribe Posted by The Vibe Scribeat 20:05 Labels: 2010, Barry Towler, Cool Million ”